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jw custom

co10 - Camara Sunrise (ACE / Isla Duala)

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co10 - Camara Sunrise



-Initial release


Uses BIS first aid system.

Required addons:


Isla Duala



Mission is complete when:

1. The communication tower is destroyed.

2. The mobile SA-9 launcher is destroyed.

3. The HQ is destroyed.

4. The Mi-24 Hind is destroyed.

5. All playable units alive(also AI) is in the extraction zone(If your in a vehicle then disembark).

Download v1.0

-> co10 - Camara Sunrise

Download v1.0 from Armaholic mirror:

-> Camara Sunrise Co-10 (@)

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Ditto, my team loved it. You really need to advance slowly not to fall into the ambush :) outstanding fight around that grocery/shop in the suburbs;)

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