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Continuing topic: "Error: The display driver NVLDDMKM has stopped responding"

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Hello everyone!

First post here for me in 5 years :yay:

I hope you moderators dont mind me starting a new thread on this old topic, but here's a ling to an older discussion:


Im just off to bed but think that I might have come up with a solution after spending 2 weeks and hundreds of $ to solve it. Been trying all different software and hardware solutions, but not until tonight have I tried to run games without installing the stand alone sound card (Creative X-fi Extreme gaming) drivers. I use a fresh Vista64 ghost-image to reapply between test changes.

I got an HIS 4870x2 gfx card and are running Vista64 bit. As the original thread implies this is a problem for both NVIDIA and ATI users indeed, but maybe sound drivers is the common problem?

The catalyst diver pack installs a ATI HDMI driver, that I tonight have used as the sole audio driver (I use an 40" LCD TV as monitor) while doing my usual benchmark of flying around a low altitude in ArmA2 until the error appears (usually coomes after a few minutes to an hour). Now I ran for more than 2 hours without any signs of problems, even tweaked up the graphics to ~95% of whats possible.

Well, think I'm on to something and will hold my plans to buy a new MB and gfx card a little. Tomorrow I will try disabling the HDMI function and install my X-Fi as the sole sound hardware. I made searches on google about this, but only found one person mentioning it, and he - DocMartin - had neither seen in mentioned anywhere else:


Anyone else suffering from this? Please give your thoughts.

Off to bed :sleepy:

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It's a very odd error because it means there's a crash in the nVidia driver module. The odd part is that if you are using an ATI card you shouldn't be getting the error but should be getting "atikmdag has stopped responding" instead (the ATI driver module)

Of course there's many ways to fix it, but most common fix is fresh install of an OS and if you still have the issue after that then there's a good chance that there's a problem at the hardware level, which could mean damaged graphics card, not seated properly, damaged PCI port, etc.

Although, as I said with an ATI card/s there should be an ATI error report, not an nVidia one.

You could try using an nVidia driver sweeper on your system and see if you still get the error (basically if the driver module doesn't exist it shouldn't be able to crash)

Other than that, if you're only having the issue with ArmA 2, try setting your ingame video memory to "high"

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Bull, I just copied the topic of the older thread as I expected a continued discussion about this longlasting mysterium - that is happeing to both ATI and NVIDIA users. Of course I had a ATI driver failure message myself :p

But my solution of disabling the HDMI (high definition audio on gfx card) device has removed that paticular issue to 100% for me.

After that I got other system failures that pointed very strongly towards the graphics card being faulty, and as a new 5970 card that I ordered last week as an option (they are kind of hard to get, so I thought I would just cancel it eventually) turned up yesterday I installed it and.... ARMA2 is now as beautiful, stable and decently quick as I could dream of :)

The only problem I encountered after installing drivers was a total system lockup when I initially tried the game with both X-fi sounddrivers and the HDMI device enabled in devicemanager. Once again disabled the HDMI and now it runs like a dream for hours in row.

Indeed the performace boost is not gigantic with the 5970 compared to my 18 months old 4870x2 card, and arguably not worth the huge pricetag :eek: But running the game at almost maximum settings with the -winxp -maxmem=2047 commands (I also got default clocked 3.16Ghertz core2duo and 4 gig ram) I feel happy to keep it anyway. Damn, the card runs at almost idle temperatures no matter what I load in ArmA2 - maximum fanspeed has been 30%, haven't tacked activity level yet. But I will indeed check my luck on a warranty claim on the 4870x2 also.

Now I'm of to check out other games -and I dont expect any other game being more demanding than ArmA2, would be hugely surprised if I get any more stability problems running anything now.

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When Vista was 1st released, I seen this BSOD a few times.

Until you brought it up, I had forgotten it.

Not once during the past 1.5 years of beta testing W7 and now the full edition, have I seen any BSOD.

(looking for some wood to knock on)

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