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[MP] TvT VIP Gauntlet

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By Daza

TvT MP mission called VIP Gauntlet.


West side has to get 2 VIPs to the extraction chopper to win. The Guerilla side simply has to kill both VIPs.

There will be AI Russian Patrols who are friendly to no one. West side has some non-playable AI who will man MG-nests around main Extraction area and the POW camp.


Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2\Missions folder.


VIPs are not playable.

VIP Bodyguard/SF unit who is leader of a VIP must be filled by a Human player. If neither are filled then mission will have to be aborted and restarted, players to fill those slots.

Vanilla version has BIS FA and Battle Clearance modules. Ace version does not.

Brief Mission features:

Both VIPs and respected bodyguard(s) randomly spawn at different locations each time.

Russian AI patrols, some have 50% chance of being present.

Guerilla side has a Respawn Mhq which can be captured by the west side and placed in a POW camp.

Guerilla side has a stolen helicopter (no respawn, and faster fuel rate) only pilot can fly it.

West side has two mhq. Each side has a man who can repair vehicles on the field. Engineer for West and Saboteur for Guer side.

NO Required Addons: Apart from Ace version of course which is just Ace only.

File links: Two versions below, each has a more detailed Readme file about mission features.

Ace Version:


Vanilla Version:


Please leave feedback thanks, have fun!

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