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Construction interface events not responding

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Hi, i´m trying to setup a simple construction interface...

im using this script to set up what´s available, categories, etc... all that works fine


i also needed a hint to be displayed whenever a building is selected, and another function to remove a building from the list once it´s built (havent gotten that far yet)

the onSelect function simply doesn´t work... at all... what could i be missing?

have a look:

fieldSupplies = 150;

_builder = _this select 1;
_module = _this select 0;

_module setVariable ["BIS_COIN_name", "F.O.B. Construction"];
_module setVariable ["BIS_COIN_funds", "fieldSupplies"];
_module setVariable ["BIS_COIN_fundsdescription", "*"];

_module setVariable ["BIS_COIN_categories", ["Base Assets", "Field Gear", "Barriers"]];
_module setVariable ["BIS_COIN_areaSize", [100, 50]];

_gearArray = [];
_gearArray set [0, ["USMC_WarfareBBarracks","Base Assets",0,"F.O.B. Barracks"]];
_gearArray set [1, ["PowerGenerator","Base Assets",0,"Power Generator"]];
_gearArray set [2, ["FlagCarrierUSA","Base Assets",0,"Flag"]];

_nonOptional = "\n\nThis is a base asset, which means it´s necessary for the operation of this type of base";

//_builder sideChat "F.O.B. Ready to Deploy";

_module setVariable ["BIS_COIN_items", _gearArray];

_module setVariable ["BIS_COIN_onSelect", {

_builder sideChat "pluck...";
hint "pick!";

switch ((_this select 1)) do {

	case "USMC_WarfareBBarracks":{
		hint "BARRACKS\n\nBarracks allow infantry troops to spawn at this base" + _nonOptional;

	case "PowerGenerator":{
		hint "POWER GENERATOR\n\n Your base needs power to be operational, this generator is enough for a small F.O.B." + _nonOptional;

	case "FlagCarrierUSA":{
		hint "FLAG POLE\n\n This is to let everyone know to whom this territory belongs!"

	default {
		hint "what the fuck??";

the script is called on the init box of the construction module:

_naught = [this, buider] execVM "constructionSetup.sqf";

is there something i need to do to get these functions going?

any ideas of what could be messed up?


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hint "what the fuck??";

}// where ;?

};//; not need here


Ðœay be syntax?

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