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Gone fishy (coop 30)

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Gone fishy

A coop mission for ARMA2

Works with and without ACE

Mission Info:

30 men are inserted into Kellu island split across 3 helicopters. Their task is to destroy 4 Shilka ZSU-23 tanks. The mission layout and enemy placement allows for a wide range of tactics to be applied. Also the enemy force has some variable elements which increase the replayability.

Certain enemies are tightly choregraphed, with fire support elements performing cover and flanking.

Team roster:

1x mission commander

3x infantry squads

1x recon team

1x scout sniper

(the mission commander is a separate unit in his own squad, ideal for organized coops. He is however not necessary and can be safely turned off in the slot selection)

Other info:

- Has a detailed briefing with in-depth description of the enemy and his tactics.

- Quality placement of enemies. Every single unit is carefully placed by hand which provides challenging combat without resorting to overwhelming amounts.

- A realistic night mission (the enemy has nightvision too!)

- features a glamorous helicopter insertion

- uses Kegetys spectating script



- Removed helicopter landing part to prevent weird desynchronization, players now start inside the landing zone




Required add-ons:

Kellu Island


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