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ALICE as effect generator, without civilians, possible?

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When I add an ALICE module, by default it will create some civilians and start some effects going, like smoking chimneys and window lights in buildings going on and off at random intervals. See \AddOns\modules\Alice\data\scripts\fnc_houseEffects.sqf

Apparently this suggests that there are "civilians living there" doing their things. If I set civilianCount to 0, everything is removed. If I set it to 1, I can only find one such "populated house".


1) Is there a way to start this "at home" effect for the default (per location) number of buildings, but without having to deal with actual civilian units?

2) Have anyone succeeded (or even tried) in making a custom version, suitable for multiplayer and JIP clients? I'm okay with having just one town "active" at a time.

Bonus question: Have hookers always "behaved" like that? Talk about suggestive behavior :D

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I was once to integrate it into my MP mission. Facile tests showed me that civilians doesn't get removed once created. So a flight over Elektrozavodsk and Chernogorsk placed about 550 civilan AIs onto the map, which then didn't ever disappear again.

Additionally I don't know for sure if this happens only serverside or for each joining player, however, I recommend not to use it in MP considering possible performance issues.

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Check this here:


Also i once found a code to generate more civilians with the Module. It was some sort of calculation of "'doors' in the city" = X No. of People.

Maybe I find that one again...


Here: Set Civilian-Count to Zero (0 * %1 = 0) ;-).


Or here:


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