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Team Switch in SP game?

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Could some one explain how to implement team switch into a SP game. I have been looking over threads but they are all very complicated and refer to multiplayer scripts. As far as im aware the following should work in a Description.ext:

addSwitchableUnit _newUnit;

selectPlayer _newUnit;

however there seems to be something missing. I go to the map view and look under units or playable and don’t see anything? I have one player and another unit as playable. “T†“Y†“U†have no effect. Sorry if you have had these questions before.

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Hey mate,

Try using the following in decription.ext.

respawn = "SIDE";

All units you want to be able to teamswitch to can be set to "playable" in the mission editor. Alternatively, if they are not, you can use a script or trigger to use the commands you mentioned to select a "non-playable" unit.

I have never used the commands you mentioned in the description.ext. I am not sure if there is any point in doing it that way as decription.ext is initailized before mission start, therefore you may as well set the units as "playable" when you add them in the editor.



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