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co06 - Guerrilla Terms (ACE / Panthera / UK: Special Forces)

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Guerrilla Terms 1.0




-Initial release


Uses BIS first aid system.

ACE stamina system disabled.

Mission includes 3 objectives 1. Seize Airport 2. Destroy HQ 3. Destroy Anti-air radar.

Teamleader can call in littlebirds for support but only 1 time so use it vicely.

Required addons:


Island Panthera v2.32

UK: Special Forces


Guerilla forces has taken Airport lesce in a attempt of getting control of the air space. You and your team has been assigned to take control of the airport.

Download v1.0 from filefactory:

-> Guerrilla Terms

Download v1.0 from Armaholic mirror:

-> Guerrilla Terms Co-06 (@)

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JW i really like this mission, but, confused on the ending. I have killed all at the airport and surrounding areas (some still respawn though), called in the helos which bombed the radio tower, but, can't exactly find the HQ's...is there a trigger to let you know you have completed the mission? is the HQ a specific house somewere. Sorry, just need a little clarification because I am not sure if I have finished it or not, thanks mate.

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You need to complete 3 objectives:

1. Clear airport area(when there's less than 5 guerrilla's inside airport area it's considered siezed).

2. destroy HQ.

3. destroy Anti-air radar.

This is HQ:


This is the Anti-air radar:


When these 3 objectives are done the mission will end :)

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Oh ok, I was running around looking inside every house for the HQ...lol.

On your youtube video page is that "Mercenaries and Terrorists" a new mission? looks fun I would like to try it out.

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