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Minefield Demo - v1.2

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Download here - http://creobellum.org/node/54

This mission is to demonstrate the use of automated Mine fields. Use the radio commands to teleport and camera functions.



To use, drop rectangular markers on the area you want to cover and edit your Init.sqf file with the following:

call{["Mines","Mines_1"] execVM "crB_scripts\crB_MineFields.sqf";};

Where "Mines" and "Mines_1" are the marker names.

The area will auto-populate with danger signs and hedgehogs. To state the obvious, yes you will explode if you enter the area.

Created by: (AEF)Wolffy.au [2CAV]

Change Log:

Changes - v1.2

- Markers indicating mine fields are drawn without delay.

- Triggers are placed without delay

- Each minefield marker is populated in its own spawned process

- Removed real mines from function to improve FPS

- Reduced number of objects per metre to improve FPS

- Added hedgehogs to prevent vehicles from entering the area

- Added multiple blast size options - Odin

- Changed only healthy or lightly injured units will trigger mines - Odin

Changes - v0.2

- Fixed angled markers

- Added marker array inputs

- Fixed not killing everyone

Thanks to:

RotatePosition function by Joris-Jan van't Land

Visit us a http://creoBellum.org

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How can I get this kinda of script/setup working in a MP-enviroment (server) ?

As it is now the script only sets up the minefield in preview.

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