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Im looking for a team of mission makers/testers

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Im ZoneKiller

I have a project underway called the Living Island Project

Its not a small task to achive and it will take forever

to get it to happen all by ones self

So if you want to learn scripting "SQF and FSM" or just

want to be part of the making of it or skillled and wish

to use your skills in a major way.

Then your welcome to join the crew "Which is just me ATM"

It does not matter where you live or how much time you can devote

as there will be big things and small things to do and if someone

is working on it while others are asleep or having a real life

all the better.

All that you will need is - BEER , TIME , IDEAS , BRAIN , TEAMSPEAK --

Thats about it.

And if your a girl , Well that would just be so different "Cool".

PM me or leave a message here

I plan to start at the end of Janaury.

Should be over my hangover by then :)


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So what is this Living Island Project all about then? I would be glad to help but my skills in scripting are limited.

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Its time to make a new mission and ive already started

Its called Living Island

I intend to make a civilian population on Chernarus which is only active around players

then build missions into it

Im using some of the effect scripts from my BattleField2 Missions

The Use cars scripts

The Revive Scripts

The Medic Script

The Spectator Scripts

And a few more

Also im converting the Ammodrop Script from my SupportV2 Script

Im using a new script that i wrote to respawn the AI which does work

like a charm.

As the name suggests , The Island has got a life.

It have civilian AI moving around and doing things.

Ie Jogging,Driving,Riding Bikes and Motorbikes.

Giving each other a lift, Climbing ladders and checking out

houses and everywhere they can go inside of or on top of,

and doing whatever AI like to do.

When your driving or riding you can even pick them up.

But be careful as some of the Civilian AI are suicide bombers

and terrorist's.

Then you got EAST and Resistance they dont like each other much.

So there fighting with what ever vehicles they can find.

So that then leaves West which you get to play .

Both EAST and Resistance realy hate you and would rather have you dead.

So thats the core of the mission.

And it is working better then well.

I had it running on a dedicated server for 15 hours with 120 AI and

it stayed at the same FPS and the memory only grew by 10 MB

Where to from here


As i said this is the Core of the Mission not the Mission itself.

I have been sent, But not looked at yet , A Medal system where you get Medals

and Higher Rank , This is the kind of thing i want to use, Get rewards for doing well

Lose them for killing team mates and Civilians.

One mission will be to find and destroy a small army.

I want to add many little missions that would suite.

So instead of me posting up 100 unfinished missions with little changes

i thought i would ask for ideas of missions and things you would like to see in a mission

If you want a sneek peek at the work so far, Look for my testing server

Its only small , and only runs when im testing and scripting.

Which is most evenings AUSTRALIAN time.

Even if your ping is very bad it will be ok. as i said its a test server

its always good to test under a load.

ArmA2 Server

[ZDS] Zonekillers Testing Server

There will be alot to do other than just scripting

but what you dont know wont matter if your keen to learn

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