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Looking for a new CTI

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I remember good old CTI's from OFP (!!!), like MFCTI and some its resurrection-versions like crCTI, bwCTI and others... I have played in Warfare in Arma2. A lot of things there are quite ok, but I'd like to ask whether there are good old CTI-style missions in Arma2?

Or maybe, just Warfare, but:

* without locking/unlocking vehicles

(so that you can easily buy a car for a mate and leave it at base, for him when arrives to it; you can drive cars stolen from enemies! I remember how we made fun of this in OFP ! it is especially fun when in veteran mode!)

* without blowing up (exploding) cars, when they are left without people inside.

(i dont know who invented this idea of clearing vehicles from map by explosion, but this man was really idiot, sorry... but it makes game unplayable, spies can be easily found and cars exploded at base can show its position to enemies. Remember good old CTI, where a SALVAGER was running throu a map and doing this "map cleaning" job)

* (optionally) AIs automatically travelling by players' cars like in some CTIs (at start of the game they could get in vehicles and travel with us, if they saw standing vehicles around them)

If you know missions that have such features, please respond. If no missions exist, maybe someone could modify existing warfares?....


even in recent versions of Warfare BE, locking/unlocking is very buggy. So cutting this feature will not only make game more intersting, but also bugless.

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I have some programming skills (in "C" language, and used to do web-design and web scripting in PHP, Flash ActionScript, which are C-style, wrote scripts for NWN2 game, which is also C-style), but I'm not a professional in this. If anyone could help me with Arma 2 scripting, maybe, I'd be able to make MFCTI-clone with somebody's help, when I have free time (in the end of January and later, I'll have free time). If somebody could show how does the scripting work in Arma2, maybe I'd try to make my own CTI, because I don't like Warfare's rules, and lags, which were brought by crCTI and Warfare comparing to MFCTI, where code was much simplier, as I guess. Actually, MFCTI needs some improvements (as far as I remember it in OFP), and it doesn't need many complicated features (such as vehicle locking and so on).

So, if you could give some links to scripting tutorials, list of all functions and objects in Arma2, I'd say big thanx to you.

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Ok, I've found a lot of info in "ArmA 2 - MISSION EDITING & SCRIPTING" ))

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I just registered for this :)

Anyway: There is an editited Port of the old CrCti mission from Squeeze, i dont have the link now, mission has some bugs thought.

Also there is another CrCti-Mission based on Squeezes Port with less bugs which uses addons/ standard units with edited Configs for better balance which you can find here: http://web320.login-85.hoststar.ch/sge-clan/homepage/phpkit/include.php?path=forumsthread&threadid=79

(Note this is a german site)

Some problems with this mission, mainly with JIP, but its playable and really feels like old Flashpoint CrCTI.

Third: Benny from Hotshot-Clan, the benny who also made WarfareBE, tries to make an Old-School CTI, theres not much info about it yet: http://hotshots.folkersma.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=1952

One more note: The CrCti-Mission from my first link also has the Problem with vehicles exploding after a player leaves them, seems to be an engine-problem??

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