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co27 Fall of Czernobog (team work required)

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This is a mission which sort of grew out of my hands.

I don't usually like to do this magnitude missions...

Still, I present to you

co27 Fall of Czernobog v2.1

Download from my repository

Armaholic mirror:


Armed assault info



Play it with AI enabled!

Works ONLY on dedicated servers!

Since there is so much stuff you will maybe encounter some bugs.


Old slavic tales tell the horrors created by Czernobog (the black devil). We face no demons but flesh and blood. Town of Elektrozavodsk is a base for russian troops led by a man known to us only as Czernobog. Certainly a man not to be taken lightly.

He's guilty of local civilian massacre from which our intel has received photographic evidence. Now the time is right to put an end to the horrors. Secure the town and make the arrest.

We need him alive!

Make use of the assets available and plan well.


-1: Destroy all tunguska AA tanks.

-2: Capture the city from the enemy forces

-3: (Choosable by admin : To take Czernobog dead or alive)


  • Engineers can repair tanks and the engineer leader has access to construction interface
  • SOM/CAS for spotter / sniper team
  • Squad leaders can hire AI troops from flagpole in base 2
  • Also pilots can be recruited from flagpole at airfield
  • Engineers and crewmen can be hired from flagpole at base 1
  • Repair / rearm zones for vehicles
  • Random location for AA controller tower
  • Random location for Czernobog
  • Humvee (240) can drop ammo boxes
  • FLIR for aviation


*Squad leaders

*Tank commanders (tanks won't respawn)


*Engineer team

*Medic team (mobile spawn vehicle)

*Spec Ops team

*Spotter / sniper team


Some more sceenshots:





- BIS/BIA for their great simulators.

- ICON squad & JTF-2 squad for test assistance

- Revive by norrin

- UPS by Kronzky

- Conversation by Kylania/Karmichael

- taskmaster by Shuko

- F2 template

- repair by Myke

- BIStaskdefend by Binesi

- TV guided bombs by nuxil

- vehicle respawn by Tophe

- vehicle rearm/refuel by Xeno

- Artillery by Bon

sorry if I left someone out....

Give it a try.

Note that the briefing loads quite slow on server due to many pictures etc + it's a tad massive mission



Edited by VanhA-ICON

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I would say that although this map may have the potential to be heavy on the server but that is a small price really. After testing the other night, there did not seem to be any issues of that nature besides the task/notes list taking a while to load up. Anyway VanhA it has been a huge map to make and what I seen of it the work has paid off

A really nice map which could be used for large squads or several squads to get together

Excellent work old bean, look forward to the next biggy :butbut: :)

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New version 2.0. See top post for download

(so far only the topmost link)


**Added cache units scripts by Rommel**

**Made the main task of capturing Czernobog choosable for admin!

The options are "Dead" or "Alive". The mission will create the task according to the chosen parameter**

Hopefully Rommel's splendid work will reduce the lag since the mission a big one


Give me feedback, please. Any kind.


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I've updated the mission as 2.1 with following changes:

*Revive updated as 0.42

*SOM arty replaced with scripted artillery by Bon

*Latest version of taskmaster


ps- If anyone wants to convert this with ACE please feel free to do so.

Edited by VanhA-ICON

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