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what do these do defened bye east west res confused.gif?

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I suppose, you mean "guarded by east/west/res"

OK this question has been asked this week, and i promissed to

have a quick look into how it works. I've been using it months

ago (but not tested out at all).

Well - here are some results from this-week-testing:

If you place a trigger and set a range for that area, you want

to be guarded, then place 3 squads and syncronize them

(F5 drag-line) with this guarded by x trigger.

Now what happens?

The first of these 3 squads starts moving into the area of

the trigger (probably to the edge of the trigger), while the

other 2 squads take positions of the previous one. This means,

squad 2 goes to where squad 1 started, squad 3 goes to where squad 2 started.

Now if squad gets under attack, and the chances of beating the enemy are to weak, squad 2 would follow into the battle,

and same with squad 3, if squad 2 reaches their limits. Also,

if there are to many enemies, to be handled by one squad,

the other squads should follow imidiately.

I'm not sure at the mo, if it's exactly in this order, maybe the trigger needs to be activated before (i haven't got enough time left to test it fully, but this is what i got yet).

to be continued....

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