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i've searched 'direct hit' already. Felt that this is necessary. pls read on

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This mission is a mess. I cant do this. It says do camp 1 1st then 2. Ive tried lots of combinations. I think this mission is just a farce. The enemies r good shots also isnt it.

Any comments welcome. Im ready to put this game down, i borrowed from friend yesterday and am ready to give back?

p.s- when in helicopter. U cant target rocket to enemy copter can u?

Bye bye

n.b- i am good at games also but this is ridiculously hard in my opinion


n.bx2-[direct hit] is the 1-2nd mission in game. its a side mission very early on in game

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i dont really know which mission you are talking about but dont measure this game by its campaign because in my opinion well the campaign wasnt good at all, the real potential of this game is in the realism, the amount of user made content and its endless posibilities. so if you got some time download some mods(you have all kinds of mods from vietnam war to science fiction to gameplay additions), download some user made missions or just try to make some missions of your own( although this takes some time and can be frustrating).

for the mission itself i assume you are talking about a mission where you need to fly an attack helicopter, well some tips for playing with them is: use cover and pop up to select targets and fire of the rockets and then get back behind the cover, also when attacking the enemy with unguided rockets and cannons fly over low and quick and again use cover to your advantage.

also you should download all the patches because pre patch missions are buggy.

and if all this doesnt work just look up some cheats because some missions really arent easy to complete and certainly not fun.

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I always considered the Campaign of somewhat being a trailer to BI Games.

Since 2001 I have only spent a 20 min in it and a thousands of hours on multiplayer games.

I think BI does the same and doesn't care too much about Campaign.

But: Make sure you installed the latest patch 1.04 - and perhaps even the latest beta.

You have to understand that BI games get continously better each day.

They are that complex - they cannot be readymade ever.

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This is how I completed 'direct hit', in the mission you have to elliminate the light armour at a first base and obtain the enemies plans at a second one.

- Kill the guys at the nearest weapons dump and pick up another satchel charge

- head to the first camp and kill the perimeter guard

- crawl forward and place satchel charges next to the closest shilka and bmp

- crawl back and head up one of the hills overlooking the base

- take out the other armoured vehicles with your rocket launcher and then detonate the satchel charges

- head towards camp 2, the enemies are now more alert than before so you will have to shoot on sight, i think there are 3 ammo dumps between the two camps each with 2 enemy soldiers nearby

- elliminate the enemies at camp 2, the secret documents are under the camouflage netting, there is often around 5 guys standing nearby it

- hop in the chopper and fly back to base

You don't need to worry about the enemy attack chopper once it blows up your boat as it flys off and i never saw it come back.

If you find it too hard change the difficulty to recruit, because you get unlimited saves

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I bought Arma today on Steam and I am stuck on that same mission. It is pretty difficult and that early on.

I have read that the documents are in a small building in the second camp, but I just can´t get near it. The machine gunners always get me or the AI spots me from very far away.

It´s really frustrating, but I will try the above mentioned tactic now and see if I can get the job done this way.

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