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Change enemy spawn and player spawn

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Ok.. absolute noob here.

Just played around with the editor for the first time.

When spawning AI, I place them on the map, but... nothing spawns where I want it.

For example I could place 10 troops withing 5 meters of each other..

But.. I will spawn in the same damn place I always do, and they will be thrown all over the place.

How do I get the editor to spawn them where I want them to?

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Post your auestions for editing missions in this forum topic : " ARMA 2 -Mission Editing and Scripting"

About respawn: There are really a lot of different ways to spawn something.

the basic setup for spawning is that you will spawn at a pre selected area.

The pre selected area can be defined by placing a "marker" on the map.

Choose a marker and make it squar or circle of you desired size.

The name of the marker is important, when you want to spawn west troops you have to call it "respawn_west" and for east troops you name it "respawn_east"

So this is the thing you have to do in the editor.

Now you have to go to your My documents folder and find you Arma2 editing folder, inside will be a "MPMissions" folder and inside that folder will be the folder of your missions just vreated and saved in the editor.

Inside you missions folder you noiw have to create a "description.ext" file, just create it with notepad.

Inside the description.ext file you write :

respawn= 3; // You can use numbers or names, (3 = your created respawn marker)

respawndelay = 10;

RespawnType Description

0 or "NONE" No respawn

1 or "BIRD" Respawn as a seagull

2 or "INSTANT" Respawn just where you died.

3 or "BASE" Respawn in base. Requires a marker named:

* respawn_west

* respawn_east

* respawn_guerrila

* respawn_civilian

Add markers named with the prefix 'respawn_west' with any suffix (eg: respawn_westABC, respawn_west1, respawn_west_2, etc) for multiple random respawn points. Similarly for east, guerrila and civilian.

Vehicle respawn in base requires a marker named:

* respawn_vehicle_west

* respawn_vehicle_east

* respawn_vehicle_guerrila

* respawn_vehicle_civilian

4 or "GROUP" Respawn in your group (if there's no AI left, you'll become a seagull).

5 or "SIDE" Respawn into an AI unit on your side (if there's no AI left, you'll become a seagull) - implemented in ArmA 1.08: with this respawn type, team switch is also available to any AI controlled playable units.

I hope this will help you.



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