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Fixed "Can't Create 3D Device" Error!

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Well, My son gave this to me for my Birthday. Could not get it to run. I was getting an error that said, "cannot create dx9 3d device."

No one was able to help me. Forums, Bohemia, e-mails, phone calls. No good.

Update your drivers...etc..etc..

Well, drivers were the newest, and my video card has model 4 shaders, so that was not the problem. Gave up, sent game back, got money back.

Well, I've been messing around with the demo. Same thing, of course. But I wouldn't leave it alone. I really wanted this game and was always pissed off it wouldn't run. Besides! I hate mysteries! I had to solve this one.

I finally hit on it. I found a program at the Nvidea site. Driver debugger 6.5 Hmmm. What the Hell, worth a try.

Ran it. It removed my old drivers, and I don't know what else it did, but it reverted my drivers back to the old 181's. I was using the newest 191 drivers. I had already tried going back to my old drivers so I didn't think this would work, but ran the demo anyway. I'll be damned!!!!!!! Started right up!

I took a risk and put the new ones back in, figuring if that didn't work, I'll just keep the old ones. Works fine with newest drivers, now, too!

I must have had some corrupt crap that the debugger got rid of. I don't what else to think.

Anyway, driver debugger 6.5. Try it. Please tell me what happens.

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Good to hear you got it sorted Pooch!

It's well worth it even if there are quite some bugs and performance issues for BIS to fix but they are working on it so just have patience and I'm sure it will rock after a few more patches...


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