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Holes in Map after Binarizing

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Hey Guys.

Im trying the half day to fix a bug in my map, i pretty sure i read something about it somewhere but i cant find it again.

So i hope someone can help me with this !


As you can see the Terrain disapears in the mid/far...

I have no idea what to do anymore :(

P.s. Have to fix Satmap... Looks like an Alienplanet somehow :P

P.p.s. the map looks fine in visitor!

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Sry that i respond so late, was in hospital for some days.

Yes the Problem was in the Settings.

Changing Texture Layer didnt worked for me. The Terrain Grid Size was way to small (was 256*256) . Had to make it at least 512*512 to get a working Texture Layer Size (80m*80m). Looks like a no go for the smallest Grid Size....

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