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COOP: co 30 regroup and retaliate

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I made this mission a while back now and its been tested ever since and all the major quirks should be gone by now. Fun, LONG and hard mission with 4 main objectives and a couple optional ones. Big area to operate in, lots of enemies and you can expect the enemy to be behind any bush or tree right after the missions starts. This is my first mission I release for Arma2 and I hope you like it. Please report any bugs and feedback of the mission to this thread. Thank you and enjoy :)

A quick summary:



co 30 jr regroup and retaliate v1.05

(note: jr is for jip+respawn)


Your mission is to avoid capture and cause as much damage to the enemy as possible.


The americans launched a massive attack against the russian forces last night. The russian forces were completely overwhelmed by this attack and we were forced to retreat to the mountain area near to the Russian border The american advance was eventually stopped. Your units were left stranded behind enemy lines because the attack was so quick.


This mission is intended to be played at a very high difficulty, expert is advised. Makes the start of the mission much more "fun" with very little information about your location.

-Download locations:

Sekras site:

- http://koti.mbnet.fi/sekra/arma2missions/

Armaholic mirror:

- Regroup and retaliate Co-30

P.S. Feel free to mirror and share this mission

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