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MP Mission - [FFS]coop20_Barbarosa

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Me and FriZy have made MP mission called Barbarosa. Its coop for 20 players.

There are:

Primary missions:

  1. Clear Zelenogorsk
  2. Clear Sosnovka
  3. Clear Pustoka
  4. Clear Vybor
  5. Clear Airport

Secondary missions:

  1. Destroy radars
  2. Destroy convoy
  3. Kill russian general

More info (from Diary):

- respawn is in our base during whole Operation Barbarosa

- for information about actual primary and secondary tasks go to speak with commander in hangar

- for respawn helicopter or requesting pickup (send message to players) use satelite telephone in hangar

- for scaning enemy area (count enemy units and vehicles) use UAV mobile center next to the hangar

- to see briefing of Operation Barbarosa use map in hangar

- everybody can fly with helicopters

DOWNLOAD [FFS]coopBarbarosa.rar (360kB) -there are 2 missions, 1 for Bluefor and 1 for Opfor

Armaholic link

Version: 1.04

I hope you will like it.

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ArmedAssault.info Mirror and News:


We have also added this release to your personal author profile

If a release or contact information is missing, feel free to drop a PM, it will then be added.

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We took care of the Rus version tonight filled the slots and loved the concept.

Great mission clean scripting :)

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