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10th Special Forces Group

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most realistic computer environment in which our membership can enjoy utilizing team work and military tactics to successfully complete Armed Assault and Arma II game missions without those sessions being ruined by immature players.

Our Vision

Our organization’s vision is to be one of the most respected and well known Armed Assault and Arma II units in the gaming community.

The 10th Special Forces Group is Currently Accepting Applications to its Special Forces Assessment & Selection.

Our unit is based of that of a US Army Special Forces Group, as such we have a unit structure and command base reflective of that. We strive for realism yet hold ranks for organizational & participation purposes. We are a close knit group and enjoy what each member brings to the game.

We Currently have a Arma 2 Server running 24/7 which hold a large amount of popular co-op missions as well as other game-types.

The majority of our unit are based in the US ranging in time zones, we also have members loacated in the UK.


Please visit our website at


Also Stop by Our Teamspeak at ts.jsoc-gamer.org:9988

Filter 10th Special Forces Group in Arma 2 for our Server and grab our addon pack under the our downloads section

Or Contact Us At Recruiting@10thsfg.com

ARMA 2 OA Server at

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The 10th SFG is a great unit!!

They together with the 1st ID and other units often do CO-OPS together they are well run unit with some great addon/mission makers.

If you want to join a spec ops unit join the 10th.

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For those that may be interested, the 10th SFG is holding PVP and a Co-Op nite every other Saturday and Sunday. Please check our calendar for the dates. Additionally, our unit uses serveral addons plus ACE2 which can be downloaded via our YOMA Addon Sync Server details can be found at:


We currently use Teamspeak 3 address information is on the frontpage of the website no password is required.

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Just caught this post.

I want to thank the 10th SFG for supporting our regular friday night events on our server.

You guys have been awsome fun to work with!


I will put the word out and get our guys to your events as well.

Looking forward to good times guys...


Capt Tavenner

Task Force Black Jack

Reaper Company Commander

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TF BLack Jack thanks for the post we always aim to help members of JSOC although sometimes not to everyones liking. If your ever looking for a game or need help you know where to find us.

As for the 10th SFG we currently are looking for potential recruits to join our unit, i aint going to kid around and say send us an app and your in there is a deep process to go through first including time as a candidate then time as a trainee. But if you put the effort in you will find yourself part of one of the best units out there.

We are currently putting together a few campaigns for us and members of JSOC to go and pit our wits and tactics against. All made by our inhouse mission makers. We also have some of the best addon makers working alongside a few of our unit on some addons for the 10th and other JSOC units.

So if you think you would like to know more either PM me, hop onto our website or jump on our TS3 ts.jsoc-gamer.org port 9988 and have a chat with some of our operators.

De Oppresso Liber


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10th Special Forces Group

Welcome to the 10th SFG recruitment thread here is where you will find all the info we beleive you will need to make a decision in joining a unit of like minded players who enjoy playing the game.

We have one fulltime ODA as well as a ODB as well and so we usually operate during missions as small teams usally 3-6 men depending on objectives. We have members choose their preferred MOS during the application process and this is where you will put a lot of work into your specialised field.

The MOS options that are available are as follows:-


Special Forces Weapons Sergeants are the weapons specialists. They're capable of operating and maintaining a wide variety of U.S., Allied and other foreign weaponry. Some of your tasks might include maintaining proficiency with all foreign high-density light and heavy weapons; selecting weapons placements and sites; assigning targets and areas of fire.


Special Forces Engineering Sergeants are specialists across a wide range of disciplines. Some of your tasks may include working in demolitions, explosives, land and water navigation duties, field fortification, bridging, rigging, reconnaissance and sabotage operations.


Special Forces Medical Sergeants are considered to be the finest first-response/trauma medical technicians in the world. Though they're primarily trained with an emphasis on trauma medicine.


Special Forces Communications Sergeants operate every kind of communications gear, from encrypted satellite communications systems to old-style, high-frequency (HF) Morse Code systems. They also have serious computer/networking skills and know several computer languages.


Since many SF missions require being behind the lines in hostile areas, each team is given an 18F Intelligence Specialist. The 18F collects and evaluates information for transmission, and supplies vital data on the enemy.


The Operations Sergeant is responsible for the overall organization, functionality and training of an SF team. He makes sure the team is outfitted correctly and supports the ODA commander (18A).

We also cross train certain members so whenever deployed we have someone who knows every aspect of SF Operations.

We are as a unit multi national although the majority of the unit are from the US we also have members from across the globe including the UK, Germany etc. We have a 64 man server and also access to a privately owned 64 man server.

The 10th SFG also has a core of brilliant ADDON and mission makers/scritpers if there is something we dont know we know someone who does.

So if you think this sort of unit sounds like just what you are looking for head over to our WEBSITE or hop onto our TS3 and talk to one of our operators.


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After joining with the 10th since January, we've been doing what we do best, which is to provide a fun, realism based community for people to play and participate in.

I invite you all to come play with us, and take advantage of what we have to offer.

If you're interested in joining, talk to SoggyMilk or ChefD.

We're not looking for recruits, but we are looking for like-minded players/groups to have some good games with.

There's some things you might want to know about our server before you join, so please, check out our website by clicking on the link in the picture below.

Thanks for reading!

Take care.

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Announcing Saturday Night Co-op Night. We will be conducting co-op missions every Saturday evening for milsim minded individuals.

Hop on our Teamspeak and visit 10thsfg.com for further updates and for any mission requests.

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