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Vehicle Rearming Script

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Hello Everyone,

Well, here is a script for your vehicle rearming needs.

Each side has several vehicle service points where a player can refuel, rearm, and repair default ArmA 2 vehicles.

There are four points for each player side. Land Vehicle Service, Rotary Wing Service, Fixed Wing Service, and Watercraft Service.

How to use Ingame:

Just dive your vehicle to the proper point for your side and initiate the script from your Action menu. For rearming, you must be in the primary gunner seat. For refueling and repairing, you must be in the driver seat.

How to Install:

Instructions are included with the download listed below about how to get it working in your mission.


This script has one limitation due to the current limitations of the ArmA 2 scripting engine. Only the primary gunner seat weapons can be rearmed for vehicles with multiple turrets. Currently there is no way to add magazines to secondary gunner turrets.

Download Link:


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This does NOT work with A.I.

Also, the current Vehicle Rearm features in game ONLY REARM THE MAGAZINE IN THE WEAPON. They will not give you spare magazines, like the vehicle starts out with.

For example, on tanks, if you use all of one ammo type (sabot or Heat) that ammo type cannot be added again using the in game default stuff. My script will replace the default loadout, of course with the limitation I mentioned above.

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