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white angel

R3F CO 31 Solheimar 4.0

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Hi all,

This is my first ArmAII coop mission :D

I hope you will love it :)


mission author: White Angel

version: 4.0

mission type: COOP (teamwork - voice comms recomended)

Number of players: 5 to 31

Mission requirements: ARMA2 patch 1.3

Addons: none

Languages: English and french versions! (use of stringtable.xml)

Duration: 10-30mn


- 1 platoon commander of 3 soldiers and 7 squads of 4 soldiers.

- revive as bird

- training mission for AT and AA on town defense

Scripts used:

- Framework ArmA2

- Mikey TaskHint

- some of my own


Be careful ! Reconaissance patrols told us enemy troops were converging on your base. Enemy troops are attacking you by North, South, East and West. It is too late moving to a secure place. Wait for reinforcements and protect the HMMWV and its passengers...

Download: co_31_solheimar_40

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