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How to use the Heli transport effectively (Razor Two, Manhattan)

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In some missions you constantly have a Heli for transport at your disposal (e.g. in Razor Two and Manhattan). Because I made a lot of use of it, I want to post some tips for the proper usage, for anyone who is interested.

Basic stuff ...

1. How to call:

* Spacebar > Communication > Call Support > Transport > M (opens map) > click on the pick-up location you want.

2. How to send:

Once you're all in, you open the map again and click on the drop-off loaction. If the menu isn't open any more, you can re-open it with the same keys.

Okay now to the interesting stuff...

3. How to use properly:

- If you called the transport and left the heli at drop-off location, Maddox will fly away again. If you want to prevent that, because you need him right afterwards, just leave one of your team inside the heli. He will stay there and thus Maddox will stay.

- You cannot set waypoints for Maddox (afaik) because he is not directly under your command. But you still can do something similar: Tell him to fly you to a certain location. Before you arrive there, re-open the transport menu (see 2.) and tell him to fly to another location. You can repeat that indefinitely (well some day you will die, to be honest with you) to fly over a certain area etc. **

4. How to use improperly:

- Don't tell Maddox to land in an area with trees (aka forest). If you're unlucky, he will try to find a LZ for the rest of his life. He will not land but he will not fly to another landing location either. So you will not be able to use him for the rest of the mission.

- Don't tell him to land on very steep terrain. He might successfully land but all kinds of stupid things can happen, like you and your guys getting hurt/killed when jumping off, or the chopper might float down the terrain and into trees or buildings.

- If you want to get yourself blow up, tell Maddox to fly (deep) into enemy territory. (Great hint, isn't it?) ;)

That's about it. Happy hopping!

* I translated the menu items from my localized version. I expect them to be like that in the English version.

** Note that you probably will not see everything from the chopper. E.g. I was hoping to find Bardak in his car, but I couldn't see him while I was flying. It may be possible with higher distance/graphics settings though. Don't know.

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