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Standard Nomination for BIS Unit & Public Addons

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Standard missiles nomination : exemple

- AA-11 ARCHER / R-73

- AA-6 ACRID / R-40

- AIM-9 Sidewinder

- AIM-120 AMRAAM Slammer


- AGM-136 Tacit Rainbow

- AS-10 Karen / Zvezda Kh-25

- AS-13 Kingbolt / Raduga Kh-59

- AS-20 Kayak / Zvezda Kh-35

For those who make plane can you add extension like :

- A.A : [Air to Air] For plane - 4x Aim-120 Amraam, Aim-9D sidewinder, Strela...

- A.G : [Air to Ground] For static position , Static, Vehicule, Static Building : Mk-8X,FAB, KAB, CBU, (Dumb Bomb)

- A.S : [Air to Surface abreviation of C.A.S] For Strategic Building & Moving Tanks & Vehicule (GBU, Smart Bomb, Laser guided)

- A.T : [Anti-Tank] For Tanks & Armored AGM-88, AGM-120, AT-10...



Example : (F16 A.A, F18 A.G, A-10 A.T, F117 A.S, F22 Recon, F15 M.R)

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Considering AMRAAM is generally less effective than the sidewinder under 15km, and the biggest map is 15km, i don't see much point in it. Especially when our radar doesn't really work above a couple km anyway. Not that it wouldn't be nice to have more stuff, but the game needs to be able to support them first.

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