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Longest Day CO10 (Ghost)

Should mission name be change?  

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  1. 1. Should mission name be change?

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I noticed after a long time working on this mission someone else has a similar named mission. If anyone has some good ideas for a name for this mission let me know but please play it first before giving me a name suggestion. I have been tweaking this mission for a while now, developing new basic scripts, expanding my mission making knowledge. I know it can be buggy and some things arent perfect but it has been tested on a dedicated server with 1-4 people and after numerous trys and many hours we finally beat it.


Thanks to Armaholic for mirror




  1. Recruit AI up to 13 total units
  2. Vehicle Spawn with markers (deleted when vehicle is dead)
  3. Viewdistance adjustment
  4. Halo jump option
  5. Exstensive mission with numerous objectives
  6. Base respawn and you keep your loadout at death
  7. Vehicle resupply point (rearm,repair,refuel)
  8. AI units die when player dies (keeps them from taking command still wip)
  9. Body deletion script to keep the server running well
  10. Spawned vehicles delete after 30 secs
  11. Almost all objective town enemy units spawn when objective is activated

Known issues:

  1. On player disconnect ai from players group are not deleted and follow player when player joins same unit slot again. No controll over units though.
  2. Unlimited Vehicle spawns (need to limit players so there is not hundreds of vehicles)
  3. Halo script works but does require user to open/close map to activate Halo and bring up gps to see where he is
  4. Vehicle resupply point does not fill the extra magazine slots for turrets

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hi ghost,

indeed there is a mission made for Arma1 that is called "the longest day"

I know cause i played it a lot ,but its a mission for the VTE-mod,

your title like its now should be ok, but if you want to change it you can call it-" the hardest day" or "the darkest day".

but its really up to you if you want to change the name.


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Just loaded it. Looks good. Will let you know what I think.

How do you control squad. Squad control dpoes not seem to be active.

If I hit SPACE or F buttons I don't select any squad.

Do you control the squad in this mission


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Thank you all for the replies. At the spawn there is an Officer that when you get close to will give you the options via action menu to: change viewdistance, recruit ai, and halo. Once a unit is recruited he will join your group and you control him like normal.

** Update **

I added a poll, please vote

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Although you haven't decided for the name yet, I'll post our mirror (late but better than never)

ArmedAssault.info Mirror


We have also added this release to your personal author profile

If a release or contact information is missing, feel free to drop a PM, it will then be added.

And here is the BBCode if you want to add our Mirror to your release post :


If you prefer a text only BBCode please copy and paste the code below :

[b]ArmedAssault.info Mirror :[/b]
[url=http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?cat=addons&game=1&id=121]DOWNLOAD - Longest Day CO10 (Ghost) (v.1.0) - [45 KB 7z] from ArmedAssault.info[/url][/spoiler]

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Thank you for the link Deadeye. Always better late than never :)

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I have been working off and on trying to improve this mission and this is what I have so far for the next upcoming release. As of now I am thinking about changing the name of mission to Hard Fight. Any public opinions?


added more randomly spawning vehicle types.

added more unit spawn locations to obj towns.

Added another obj town.

adjusted pow script.

added all weapons to ammobox.

Changed units to SF units.

Added the ability to specify amount of grass at multiplayer setup screen.

Added timer trigger to allow players to check estimated mission time.

Included C130 Cargo drop of ammobox or HMMWV M240.

Made all town objectives random.

Changed name of mission from "Longest Day" to "Hard Fight".

Players can now heal if injured.

Added 3 artillery pieces for players to use (do not work with AI).

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