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Matrox TH2GO - 5040x1050 and 4320x900 - Tips on how to setup

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Two tips for triplehead users:

1- If you get this error when trying to launch Arma 2 at 5040x1050 or 4320x900 :


Fix--> Edit the ArmA2.cfg file at C:\Users\Home\Documents\ArmA 2, with notepad, to launch the game using 3840x1024 as resolution (i changed it to "read only" after doing it) and change in the game menu, video options, to run at 5040x1050 or 4320x900 - then play (as long as you keep the .cfg file as read only all you have to do is remember to set the res to 5040x1050 or 4320x900 each time you load up Arma 2).


2- If "aspect ratio" is set to 12:3 when running at 5040x1050 or 4320x900, and image is stretched (quite noticeable when using the scope) :

Fix--> Edit the ARMA2PROFILE file, using notepad (C:\Users\Home\Documents\ArmA 2) and set it :


Then "aspect ratio" will appear as "custom" in the game menu, video options (advanced). Try the scope again, it should look fine. :cool:

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Can anyone explain what the fov numbers mean, so that I can work out the numbers for triple-head with widescreen in the middle with 4:3 on the outside, please?

At the moment I'm running 3 x 4:3 with the widescreen as an extra bit of desktop, not used in the game.

I'm using Kegetys' SoftwareTripleHead and it is amazing if you don't need SLI/Crossfire support

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