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Custom ammo crate contents?

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I am sorry for reviving this old topic. But there i do not understand how to intialize the script mentined above properly.

A friend of mine has been making a multiplayer-mission with the script in it, but it does not work for everyone.

The host sees all the weapons but the other people can either not see the weapons or take them from the crate.

null0 = [this] execVM "crate1.sqf"

This was in the initline of the box.

Both me and him has tryed figureing out how the script works, but we can not get our heads around it.

It gives very uneven results, but it never works like it is meant for anyone except the host of the mission.

There must be a way to launch it locally for every computer, can someone help with this?

The script is the same as minoza posted, but the guns in it are different. I can post it up if necesary

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