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The case of the missing info?

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Maybe seem a stupid Q. yet I bought Arma 2 through Steam looking forward to the editor options promissed.

I have read through the manual only to find no info or link covering the topic of editing? Is it all left to guess work?! lol

My Q´s are follows.

1/ Is there a seperate editor and if so were?

2/ In-game I see a button for the editor and find that I´m offered a map with buttons to the right that don´t do anything?

3/ Were are the cool 3D models kept?!!!!

4/ Why is there no info/help regarding this editor?

Many thx for any or part answers to "The case of the missing info"! :)

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Once in the Editor the default is Units, so double click somewhere on the map and it will give you the unit editing options.

This has been asked before SEARCH!

Also you will find it is similar to ArmA so just look it up on the Wiki.

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