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3DS MAX RTM Export Problem

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Hi everyone,

I am currently using 3dsmax and the rtmexport plugin "rtmUtility095b" that has been around for awhile for animating.

There is a problem that i have run into recently. When Exporting from 3dsmax to o2 the top views in 3dsmax and o2 are different (rotated 180, but the other views are the same (since both o2 and 3dsmax use different world coordinate systems. I have altered the rtmexport to compensate for the reverses.

Now my problem when i export the 3dsmax animation to o2 its perfectly fine, but when it is in game the model that's being animated is 1/2 as small and the animations are way off. I have even tried saving the rtm again after importing it to o2 with o2 with the same results. I believe it is in the coding with the rtmexport but i have no idea how to fix that. Reason for that is that first world coordinate code i have to reverse has to be changed to a negative which makes the model go crazy and small in game. all the other coordinate changes dont create the chaos, so it must be the - in the first coordinate that makes the rtmexport code add something to the rtm file to make the rest of the animation smaller and throw it off?

Thanks for any help in advance!

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