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New to editing. (Frustrating)

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I'm trying to make a simple dogfight map, 2 players, infinite respawns of the 3 planes on each airport and the players next to them.

Question 1: How do I make the map more than one player? Right now it spawns only one guy on the OPFOR side, even though I've got an identical BLUFOR player and respawn_west marker.

Question 2: I've got VehicleName respawnVehicle [5,0] in the init of each vehicle with different names for each, but only one of my aircraft respawns. OpSu for my SU-25 is the only one that'll respawn, even though the Op35 (F-35) and OpAv (AV-8) have mirrored code minus the names of course.

My description.ext:

class Header


gameType = DM;

minPlayers = 1;

maxPlayers = 2;






showCompass = 1;

ShowGPS = 1;

showMap = 1;

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Just a sidenote, this part of the forum is for map editing in Visitor, ie editing of the "world" or creating new worlds or islands. Not for missions editing which is another part of the forum :)

Hopefully mods will transfer the post

Anyway, your questions :

1) put additionnal units with status of "playable". Each "playable" unit is a unit available in MP for player to spawn into it

2) strange, should work OK. Try "VehicleName respawnVehicle [-1, 0]" perhaps (ie using the vehicle respawn delay specified in description.ext instead of specified in command)

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I posted a new thread in the proper area, but I'm still having problems so any more help would be appreciated. I got both player spawns to work now though, woo! Thanks

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