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So some editor suggestions.

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Okay so about 5 minutes ago my copy came in the mail from england, and well you know its installing.... IM DROOLING!!!! OMG I CANT WAIT! :eek:

but can you guys suggest some things to screw around with in the editor?

like modules and simple things that will make me all giddy and stuff.

such as testing out the game in new ways a vet of arma 1 couldnt do!

i cant wait, i might die!

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its almost done installing!!!!

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Make a huge battle.

Fly about in a heli.

Press alt+e at the main menu for the super-secret ninja 3d editor.

Tank battle!


Dogfight involving dogs!

Be a rabbit!

Attach a machine gun to a horse!

Load Razor team...onto a cow!

Put 50 mongrels on the back of an Alsation!

Put 2 artillery pieces and 5 force recon marines onto a Venom(an Ac130 has nothing on that combination)!

The possibilities are endless!

Order now and also receive...I'm getting carried away now.

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Add in a yourself and however many teammates you want (make sure one or two are medics), then ammo boxes (Special, US basic, US special), add modules (Civilian, Civilian vehicles, animals, SecOps), synch modules to your character, preview and play. Loads of fun.

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