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PiLfIuS profile for ArmA2

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Wow I just happened upon this forum and I've been here since the OpF days. So this seems pretty amazing, but I've got Win7x64. What should I do?

I don't know anything about any of these programs, or even where to download the ones that work, but I do know a thing or two about audio and how it's processed in computers. Try opening your program that doesn't work [Pilfius] after launching the game. That should force it to adapt to the game's sampling rate. In standard A2 it's very low, but in OA you can manually adjust it in-game. That might have something to do with it. Let me know how it works out for ya.

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hmm, Pilfius doesn't work in Win 7 + A2 for me either.. Does work within windows though.

Too bad, that profile from mrcash seemed to be very detailed!

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I switched to Win7 finally and also had to find an alternative to Pilfius. I think VAC is a good choice, even though it's not free.

There's already a good profile for Arma2 on the VAC website, but i was too used to my old commands, so I created a new profile from scratch instead. It's based on my old Pilfius profile and has exactly the same set of commands, although extended for more flexibility.

In most cases you can give a single order in multiple ways, for example ordering AI to take driver/pilot position in your vehicle can be done by saying:

get in as driver

get in as pilot

driver get in

pilot get in

you're driver

you are driver

you're pilot

you are pilot



take the wheel

you're driving


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For the sake of this thread being referd to:

My latest Piflus (XP only) profile:


All in that thread still applies, also things like if you color teams and say "everybody" this will only select the team your in (white normally) but if you want to select everyone in the unit no matter what color say "team" :)

Also things like "evasive danger" will make team go to danger/line formation and prone etc. You can see in pilflus what commands are what.

BTW also I found that saying "Stop" sometimes gets heard as "stealth" so to make AIstop use "hold".

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