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Arma2.dk - Danish Arma2 Community and clan

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To you from Denmark who would like to play Armed Assault 2

Then http://www.arma2.dk/ come online, it may well be that some of you have already seen the site, I could not say. We have some people who have created a community site for Arma2 where people can talk and arrange things together.

When Arma2 finally published in Denmark, will shortly be booted Arma2 a clan that is based around community site where people can become members if they are interested.

We also have a Team Speak which can be used, although it is very empty now as it is very topical when the game is published.

Take action and register you if you expect to play Armed Assault 2, and throw a forum thread if there are some questions for us.

And welcome to a bold future with Arma2.

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