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Gameplay/Features Improvements

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I propose to make this thread sticky as well and start collecting suggestions for the ArmA2 gameplay in this designated thread.

I must say that the graphics and sounds are impressive in ArmA2.

But some things are carry-over from OFP & ArmA1.

1. We can walk or displace when reloading small arms now or when having bino in our hands. Big thanks!

BUT we are still immobile when reloading lets say an AT laucher which is used far to often to be disregarded in ArmA2. And the ability to move or displace once the launcher reloading animation has started is VITAL! How many time do we get cut up by an APC or a tank when it sneaks up on us or our position is compromised and we are stuck reloading it.

2. the blood spurts effect is autrocious in ArmA2. It looks like some crazy color tomato paste. Plus we still get that silly tomato paste face splash effect into our screen everytime we get hit. Anyway the tomato face splash can be removed? - it looks to comical and out of place in comaprison to the mature graphic level of the game overall.

When a bullet hits a body it rarely creates the splash of bright red blood. Unless it's a .50cal or a shot in the head, the only thing you'll see is just a smoke puff. If any tissue is torn out it would look dark and too small to be noticed. Now in ArmA2 you hit some one it looks like you just shot a plastic back of red paste or paint.

Is blood splash hardcoded or it can be changed with simple texture replacement?

3. Infantry running animation seems very strange. They run driving there knees to their chest and kicking their butts with the heels. Kinda comical / dramatic. Reminds me of crazy ostridge running. AI runs like demented and then miraculously freeze-stop on the spot. ArmA1 sprint animation was absolutely fine... The AI bot movement is still tank-like. They move in straight lines from waypoint to waypoint, changing movement direction by tank-like rotation at their center axis at each waypoint. There is nothing organic, human like about their movement.

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I would also add few things

1. get rid of that akward swaying during walking (the arma 1 sydrome, back forward scope swaying) It's way too sensitive, especially in scope mode. It's distracting as hell.

2. Little bigger ironsights, aimdot's please? Again I have to zoome my head to the screen to hit the enemy.

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