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Operation Iron Justice - AKA Zombie Killing Spree

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Sometime around spring 2009

After a short and bloody regional war between several small countries in the archipelago, life is starting to come back out of the hiding places it was in during the conflict.

One small problem...

some of it isn't alive!

As the conflict raged on above the surface, the populations hid in bunkers and caves to stay away from the multitudes of death dealing weapons. Chemical, biological, and nuclear devices were used by both sides in their struggle to destroy each other. Seemingly all that is left are two small divisions of the islands warring armies. After their leadership was wiped out during the struggle, the remaining units decided to call a cease fire after the emerging populace started to have side effects to the onslaught of radiation and mutagens.

Both armies formed elite units to deal with the new threat. They began to compete for existing resources to help stem the flow of the mutated civilian 'dead walkers'.

The first case was reported in Paraiso at the hospital. A patient was brought in with massive trauma to their body and subsequently died during the attempt to save their life. Shortly after the body was declared missing by the hospital staff and the attending physician was found dead in the morgue, his entrails apparently ripped from his body. Slowly, more hospitalized patients began to disappear. The overworked hospital staff finally caught one patient roaming the halls and found that their eyes were open but they were not all there. After a short but bloody fight to restrain the patient, two doctors that were bitten during the struggle noticed that they were weak and having trouble breathing. Within hours they were in comas and died. The mutagen began to evolve, growing ever faster in its ability to jump from host to host. Before the remaining military could stop it, the whole island began to overflow with the apparently reanimated dead. By the end of the week a bite victim would reanimate within seconds of death. The last remaining civilian population retreated to the military bases on the island, but those two were overrun before long.

The military factions retreated to their island bunkers and began to regroup their forces in an effort to contain the threat to the main islands. The West forces retreated to the southernmost island and the eastern forces retreated to the northernmost island. Short on supplies and personnel, they recruited able bodied civilians into their ranks. Unable to simply hand them the military hardware without some understanding that they would use it correctly, the military simply handed a person a simple sidearm with the promise of cash for every kill they could commit against the new threat. As civilians began their attack on the undead, they were quickly able to purchase more and more sophisticated hardware. As well as finding discarded equipment from the previous battles laying about the island.

Concept Explanation

With the goal of incorporating an element of RPG into the game we feel it necessary to outline the 'level grinding' that will be involved for the game. We want to make it so that the player has to earn their way through the system, and the process will not be instantly gratifying to a player other than a good action element. Here is the level items we are proposing:

Starting Out

Your player is coming in from off the boats that are slowly arriving of refugees of other islands and mainland cities that have been devastated by the war. You start with the cash you had on you when you left your home and a simple weapon and small collection of ammo. With a clean background and a fledgling reputation, you can only get small level jobs from the work center. These will include ferrying other civilians to starting cities, ferrying supplies, working guard duties, retrieving designated vehicles, and more. Each job completed will increase your Karma, XP, and cash. A failed mission will affect your Karma and XP, the cash will be left alone (for now). These starting missions will give you enough time and money to build up your characters cash and XP in order to get bigger and more dangerous jobs.

Black Market

Want access to an AK47 with GP25 but don't want to wait until you have the XP? The SLA has been left almost leaderless and their failing infrastructure needs large inflows of cash in order to survive. They have started to sell everything they own just to get by. They have massive reserves of weapons but no soldier to use them so they are willing to part with their high end hardware.... for a price. Dealing with them and purchasing their hardware is not authorized by the US forces so you run the risk of having your permits revoked at the US base and your Karma lowered significantly. Some days the SLA base commander may have a mission or two for you to complete, so stop by once in a while to see if they need some help.


Your goal is to repopulate the island and get each of the major population centers rebuilt. It will involve spending some of your hard earned cash for city upgrades, but that is the only way it can be done. As a starting player you can ferry new citizens to the cities for the re-colonization effort. The cities start out with no defenses at all and are usually filled full of zombies to start, so it may take a while to clear the town and get it ready for the new residents to move in. Be warned, even with better defenses and more people, the city is not impervious to infection spreading rampant. Be sure to purchase and deploy weapons and ammo to all of the citizens whenever you can afford it to stem the threat of infection. While you are away from the cities, they are going to do things as they see fit and will usually need your help from time to time, in order to stop zombie attacks and infection outbreaks. Just remember, every civilian that survives will help the repopulation effort along even faster, so guard them with your life. Once a city has reached a certain size status, the mayor can be picked and semi-purchased by a player using their Karma, XP, and a little cash to grease some palms. The better the mayor, the better the city has a chance to survive a zombie attack while you are out of town. It can also affect what missions are available at the city for you to complete.

Researching the Infection

Someone has to do it, and that person could be you. We can't risk sending scientists into the field to research the infection, so it is time to earn your keep. Whether it be capturing a live zombie, using a new drug on them to test it, or retrieving valuable research material, you could earn lots of cash and a lot of XP. Who knows, it may even help make a cure, or at least keep the infection from spreading.


There are sinister units roving the hillside in search of plunder and fame. Small units of rogues are roving the island in search of supplies, weapons, and slaves. You may be called upon to help defend a city from an attack from pirate bands. as they attempt to take from the city what you have worked so hard to build. If they succeed in taking the town, they will enslave the unarmed populace (a good reason to keep them armed) and steal anything that you have purchased for the city. Also, a mayor is usually left beheaded after they leave, so be sure to protect him. They won't stay in one place for long, so if you get a chance to attack them on their home turf you should take it. Beware though, they are heavily armed and quite adept at surviving in their habitat. It may be wise to do a little scouting before you rush in and lose a $2 million dollar helicopter in an attack.


Now that your interest is piqued and you want to know more, we are recruiting for helpers, developers, scripters, and more. Visit the official site at www.opironjustice.com for more information and news about the mission. Weigh in on the forums there for direct feedback from the developers. Bugs and issues are being reported and tracked with the generosity of www.dev-heaven.net.

Official Dev Heaven Page

Official Web Site

If you are interested in joining the team, please let me know and we can find something for you to do, I am SURE of it!

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We now have a server running the nightly build of the mission. Just filter for 'TeamDUCK' as part of the title and you can't miss it.

If you see a bug, please visit our tracker over at Dev-Heaven and log it so we can take care of it as soon as possible.

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CaptMurphy: amazing storyline you can up with! You have PM.

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We are trying to keep it as addon free as possible until we get the very basics of the mission working stable. Once that is working we are going to be setting up a branched version with a lot of other stuff tweaked in it. Everything we can do with a script is going to be the key to it. Hopefully we will not have much actually showing in the mission editor other than a few placed units and that is all.


That is the current list that we are using. I am sure the zombies addon will be modified to our own customized version before long.

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Sorry, the BIF forums going awry has me a couple of days behind right now. We have the new repository active on the Dev Heaven site and it is public for anyone that wants to tinker with it.

I will PBO the current build and put it on the server tonight. It doesn't do a WHOLE lot, but it has zombies and you can kill them in several towns. The next version will have a little more functionality that makes it more like a mission.

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