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RMM_VoiceQuiet, RMM_AI_Range and RMM_BloodSpray

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AI_Range simply increases the AI effectiveness to its maximum capability, with its only decreases in the AI's super accuracy in game, to give a more instinctive and enjoyable firefight.

VoiceQuiet sets all Voices to "nullsound" which is a 1kb sound file that I found somewhere and stops all AI and player Radio noises. This also improves the AI response to orders as they no longer experience that 'delay'.

Bloodspray was a lot of fun to make, and I was just generally interested. Its not to over the top, and very CPU light with the script run, all comes down to personal taste.

Note: Bloodspray won't run on dedicated servers as no visuals are needed (but obviously works for clients), and all these ad dons are made with multi-player in mind; especially the voice quiet.






Only extended_eventhandlers.pbo by XEH, which is needed for bloodSpray only. All ad dons operate independently of eachother.


Simple installation; drag and drop into the mod folder of your choice; or simply ArmA\Addons.

Possible issues:

Voicequiet *empty sound* may get replaced by a beep in certain sound replacements/mods, but it is still better then having the full ArmA voices clogging your radio.

Bloodspray should be sweet, but it may look a bit gorish with other blood effect mods; personal taste really.

AI Range may be over ridden by other mods, such as ACE and TrueRange, but its a beaut none the less.

Bug Report:

If you find anything, just post here or send me an email rommel@australianarmedforces.org

... or forever hold your peace.

I included the source files for you all to play with if you want.

Author: Rommel

Date: 3/05/2009

Revision: 1.1


Fixed blood spurt, wasn't directional.

------------- DOWNLOAD -------------

Size: 11KB

Type: 7zip | .7z

Unpacker: www.7-zip.org




Edited by Rommel

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Sounds good, going to go test now.

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I would make the blood spray much larger and add a puddle on the ground, if possible. Personally, I don't think there's nearly enough blood in ArmA. I wish shooting an NPC would result in decals being sprayed out of the opposite side, similar to Half Life. I think if I shoot someone with a Bennelli shotgun, there shouldn't be just a small tiny spray of blood and then the character gets covered in blood. I think that blood should end up in the environment. (man I sound like a sicko)

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Sounds interesting. I like your AI "tunings"... Thx for this release! :)

Mirror from Assault Mission Studio


RMM Pack1 by Rommel

Edited by Imutep

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i always enjoy your releases and these promise to be no exception. thanks !

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Thank you very much for these great addons, i'm running them at my server and we are having a lot of fun with it. =)

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