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Control Lag - ever resolved?

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I recently installed ArmA and Queen's Gambit and have run into this problem which apparently has been the subject of much discussion in the past. The problem is that every control input, keyboard or mouse, does not respond until after a couple of seconds. This seems independent of framerate as I have a decent enough 8800 card and my FPS is fine.

I have looked through the various old threads on the subject and I think the problem may be related to Geforce graphics cards. I have tried removing my card and experimented using my rubbishy built-in ATI card instead and the lag actually vanishes despite the big drop in performance.

I have tried following this advice from the older threads:-

VSync turned off

Graphic settings lowered

Virus checker disabled

Pre-rendered frames set to 0

This has cut the "lag" somewhat but it is still very noticeable, with for example a big wait between clicking the mouse and a shot being fired, and it unfortunately makes the game more or less unplayable.

Can anyone tell me if this problem has ever been solved? Does the new beta patch help, maybe? smile_o.gif

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same here, IT LAGS SO BAD*, any clue how to resolve?

its still moving after you stop the mouse, it skips if you move it a little faster, like its slipping on the screen

please help, and I noticed that this is solved in Arma2, but I have 3 copies of Arma and I still play, PLEASE HELP

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pre-rendered frames* setting helped me, (read another thread here)

under the NVIDIA control panel, Manage 3D Settings, (advanced), then select Program Settings, you will see pre-rendered frames,

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