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max power

Buldozer and Crossfire X

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I just wanted to make a report about buldozer and crossfire compatibility.

For about a week I was having a severe (and apparently unreplicatable) shading problem in buldozer. It appeared like the model had locked, corrupt bitangents with a normal map applied. Without it, the model shaded normally. After some investigation, I thought it as a corrupt model and spent hours rebuilding it. I brought it back into buldozer again and the model appeared as a silhouette. I disabled Crossfire X and the problem vanished. All of the models I derived from the original and all of the rvmats that I had built to investigate the problem suddenly worked properly. I turned Crossfire X back on, and it works properly now. Very strange.

It should be worth a note that this problem was 100% consistent across sessions, for the duration of about a week. Turning off crossfire has remedied the problem 100% consistently across sessions.

Vista Home Premium 32 bit


4 gigs ram (2.83 gigs)

2 x hd 3850 x2


ArmA 1.14

bin directory from ArmA 1.14 applied to ArmAWork directory.

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