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Looking for small coop missions (2 players)

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Good SP missions, not script-heavy (so they don't break in MP) should be fine too, adding another player slot isn't that much of a work.

The Cause Campaign is very good! You can find it in this section. I always wondered if it would work in MP   biggrin_o.gif

Also a search for co2 might bring up some entrys.

And i sense a good place to advert to my favourite own mission once again .. lol

There´ll be an update soon (thanks to Xeno! ), but since oyu dont like respawn you can aswell try this version.

Mini Update:

-added binocs and m24 ammo to description ect.

-updated ups script to latest version

-added one or two more enemies

-no required addons anymore


edit: Armaholic Mirror

PS: Mission is also MP compatible with 12 player slots

Can be finished by two guys, we tested it on a longer evening.

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I can humbly recommend the mission I have made and called Impossible Rescue :


Addons required :

* "SCUD - Nuclear Explosion" by Gigan (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=1459)

   * "Beriev Be-32" by Red Cottage (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=858)

It is design for a small group of players (max 8), immersive, designed with realism in mind, that is :

- shooting accuracy is higher for russian Spec. Forces than russian simple soldiers.

- shooting accuracy of all IA has been set from 50 to 70 % max.

- all ennemy event triggers are set on "detect" and not "presence of" west like we often find in most user missions.

- the enemy forces in presence are real : not tons of troops and BMPs and tanks....

- most patrols are randomized.

- the towns of the missions do have a civilian population, living its own life.....;)

The feedback topic is there :


Just to mention :

- there is no fancy Intro, music, and all, mostly because I have spent too much time on the mission itself (it was my first time with the mission editor).

- there is a third and very last objective hidden which is my favorite part of the mission, that is not mentioned in the briefing or elsewhere.... wink_o.gif

I hope you will like it.


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Any of the missions by Shark Attack we played on my server daily! "No more Supplies" is a really nice spec ops style."Special Operations" was another goodie by him but a bit bigger but managable with 2 players if u do it right.

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The STALKER units and post apocolypse ones look very well done. Those I can see being used for some fun/interesting missions.

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