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WARFARE Hosting/Crashing questions

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Hi all.  I've thoroughly enjoyed Warfare in especially in the various versions from what people have made, but have kind of a question regarding lag and crashing.  I know this has been an issue on and off through arma with the mix of addons, styles of custom maps, etc., so I am just trying to gather some insight from folks who possibly may have tips to help.

Shadow Company Elite's server started with a 32 man capacity running standard 16 and 32 man Warfare.  Due to lag issues it was reduced to around 24 players and ultimately 18 players which we think resolved most of the issues.  Server companies were even changed and we didn't seem to resolve the problems.  Even with server companies and reducing the # of players, there were situations where the server would crash after hours of gameplay on the same mission.

Then custom versions were hosted and we encountered the same issues.  At the moment we are running Warfare Iced at 12 player limits and are seeing decent results, but we are full most of the time and we would like to increase capacities, however, we have a feeling this will only result with us back to square one.  

So we are perplexed at what the cause of these issues are.  Currently the server is running at a capacity of 12 and although we are seeing better results, we would like to see if there is something we can do to increase the # of player capacities and resolve the lag/crash issues that can occur.

Some questions are:

- Is there a need for this game to run Warfare with an addon script to remove dead bodies?  I noticed that this gameplay deals with alot of respawning, and tons of dead bodies remain on the map.

- Will restrictions on ping reduce the lag issues?

- Will restrictions on client Addons help?

Any insight that would help us is much appreciated.

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