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MOD IDEA: Resistance Fall of Man Theme

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Hey Everyone,

I just noticed someone posting a Battlestar Galactica theme addon and I got to thinking about Sci Fi themes for ArmA.

I think Resistance Fall of Man would make a great theme to pit against the stock ArmA units acting like the resistance. There are a lot of "big" enemy ships and vehicles in that game, which I think would at a really dramatic effect for some Sci Fi theme'd action in ArmA.

I think i'm mostly visualizing vehicle addons and unit addons, maybe a custom island. Nothing too fancy, there woudl be a a lot of features in the orgional game which wouldn't work in ArmA of course.

I've been looking into making Addons myself and might pick this up. Let me know what you think.

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I think an EndWar themed addon pack would be cool!

I'd like that also, would take some effort though.

And yes may as well play gears of war tbh

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Why not just play Resistance Fall of Man or Gears of War?

because GeoW and RFOM does not allow you to opperate vehicles and such.

so you don't get a full scale battlefield experience.

Arma lets you drive all vehicles,fly all aircraft or simply hoof it on foot

gears and resistance your pretty much stuck on foot on a linear path.

It does sound like a good concept,

but would need a serious team behind it as every model will have to built from scratch.

nothing can just be edited a bit from BIS MLOD.

every gun,vehicle,aircraft,boat and infantry model.

from start to finish.

100% custom made content.

crazy amount of work to be honest

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