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What PedagneMOD's doing ?

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What PedagneMOD, or better Arremba San Zorzo's doing in this long period, far from the last Arma release?

First of all, now i'm working on a air-chopper component for PedagneMOD, with NH90 and A129. This models was started as a simply convertion from OFP, but the quality was too low. So:

- about A129, i'm reworking completely, model and textures. I have added many partucular and more high definition of them.

WIP Photos









- about NH90, from the original model of OFP by AfrographX, i have remodelled the exhaust part and reworked the mapping and textures. I have also added an Army version near old Navy version.

WIP Photos





I'm also working on remodelling of VCC1, that is an italian version of M113 but with a different position of the gunner and of the crew. Also the external shellis different because have the sides inclined.

Over, the great VILAS has given me the Leopard model, ready for the italian army version

I'm also working on other vehicles from OFP, but it's too soon to speak about.

WIP Photos




On request and with the help of my mate VERBAL, i have maked a German Polizei units, with also GSG9 special forces units suppoted by a transport car.




Last but not least, PedagneMOD have also a close collaboration with Bush War Mod (BWC). With the collaboration with Obmar and above all, my mate Cimalex, i have maked SWAPO (angolan guerrilla units) and FAPLA (angolan regular units). But about them, it's right that Obmar speaks over. Here, i want to speak particularly about the MG belt maked for this units. I have maked a belt, modelled bullets (low poly) by bullets, where the most difficult was be the settings of the "weight", bullets by bullets with the fire of a close adherence of the MG belt to the body in a game animations. I have maked two versions:

- one, with a cross form used by angolan units;

- one, around the neck that i will use in South African Defence Force units that i'm about to start with Obmar, and that i will use also in an upgrade (with desert camo too) of PedagneMOD's Italian Soldier units.











Finally, Cimalex has done eight great (very great!wink_o.gif mission for PedagneMOD.

So the next release about PedagneMOD, will be with:

-10 missions by Cimalex

-2 other missions by other fans of the PedagneMOD, Santi-HellWind and Sgt. Artmann

-A129 assault chopper

-NH90 transport soldier

-AB212 transport chopper (?) credits of FFAA mod

-Leopard MBT by Vilas


and i hope more.........


Arremba San Zorzo

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I'm sorry guys,

i don't know what happened at server hosting. The links are right.

In any case tomorrow i will move the photo on other site, so this topic may be have a sense....and i will fix the afrographx name whistle.gif

see you tomorrow


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r u working also at lince and some new veichles used especially in afghanistan in these last times?

you will see before LR90, VM90 and 6614. After, after the fleet you can see modern vehicle, starting by Centauro APC...

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Great update mate !

I want also to thank you for having included my missions in your Mod update, without your units my missions would have been forgotten (inside my desktop), despite many hours of patient work...

I have also planned a mission in Afghanistan. but I'm waiting for Bell's Waziristan Afghan map, furthermore I have just started a mission in QG' Porto, trying to portray the infamous ambush at the "Checkpoint Pasta" in Mogadishu during July 1994.

For this I'd wait Arremba desert units first, but I think I will make two version of the same mission, we have the vehicles and the armored and helos too.

Again thanks a lot Arremba and keep on the great work !

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