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Server Issues, Missions and Maps

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Hello all,

My first post here an it's one for a request of help and ideas suggestions.

I am one of the Admins at TacticalGamer.com for Armed Assault and we have recently decided to add Uhao and Avgani (Excellent Maps and congrats and thanks to the map makers for these) to one of our servers as a means to offer an alternative to Sahrani for our players and Mission makers.

Unfortunately we are hitting a few problems. We got the maps to load and default to Uhao and the default Bridge mission and this works. Likewise we have gotten a version of Warfare to work with Avgani, however whenever we try to load some new missions, they simply wont load and default to one of the server default missions on Uhao.

We have also tried to activate a package of mods on the server and possibly it is the activation of these which is causing the problem. Just as a test we also have a mission which uses no mods at all and even this wont seem to load.

I would really appreciate any thoughts or suggestions as to what we might consider? Has anyone else had similar problems?


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