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Sukhoi Su-27 'Flanker'

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Coversion of Footmunch's Su-27 from Opf to arma with permission.

Wikipedia Su-27


this addon features:

multiple weapon loadouts

Normal/Spec maps

full special fx package (sonic boom/wingtips/afterburners)by Lethal edited by Gnat and further modified by the Project RACS Mod/Scars)

3 x custom textures thanks to EddyD

scrips work thanks to namman2

Binarized PBO

templates for creating your own textures again thanks to EddyD

XEH xompatible

modified flight model

Random numbering

three versions:

CAP - 4 x R73 4 x R27 AA missiles

CAS - 4 x CH29 Missiles, 2 x R27 AA missiles, 40x S8T rockets

LGB - 4 x KAB-500 laser guided bombs, 4 x R27 AA missiles

To do list:

shadow LOD's

Damage textures

revised HUD information

As before this is beta 1, so you will find bugs, just reference them below when you find them.

I have one more conversion in the offering then I will go back and complete the Beta 2's for the aircraft I have already released.

Above all have fun with this guys.


getting info this addon might be in conflict with an addon already released, if you have come across this error and know the addon causing the problem could you let me know.


download here:

Armaholic Su27 Beta 1 v1.1

Armed Assault Info Su-27 Beta 1 v1.1

ePrison.de Su-27 Beta 1 v1.1

ArmABase.de Su-27 Beta 1 v1.1

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is it possible that you uploaded an old version of the Flanker?

Because it looks exactly like the one shown in the Discussion thread without the markings and weapons.

Downloaded from both links and it´s the same.

Is your next conversion gonna be that Mig-29?

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Confirmed was a config error my end.

It's now corrected, please make sure you download beta 1 v1.1 as this is the clean version


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all mirrors now on beta 1 v1.1 download away guys

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