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Better weather in Warfare.

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Hello ArmA brothers!

Does anyone knows which script manipulate the weather in Warfare? I'm modifying it for my own usage, but couldn't find where it is defined. I want a blue sky, no fog and no clouds. I've edit the .sqm but that just affects the first minutes of the game.

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Quite sure you would have to unpack the Warfare map and edit it from in the "Mission.sqm" file.

Look for:



Change "x" to whatever you feel like.

I have mine at:



Nice and overcast, rainy, stormy fun. :D

forcastWeather will indicate the progressive weather.

keep it the same as startWeather.

Works fine for me.

Hope this helps.


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There's a script I do that I use every time, and is very simple to implement.

For example in a init.sqs folder of your mission you can put like this:


_rand = random 900

~(random 10800) // between 0 and 3 hours

180 setOvercast 0.9


_rand setRain 1



180 setOvercast 0.2

180 setRain 0

goto "INIT"


But you could also use other scripts like the wind sand storm, etc. ... ( setWind [_vent,_vent, true] with _vent = random 50 for example )and always with a random duration + / - estimated your mission.

With that, you never know weather he will make in your missions!


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