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RH Pistol Pack 2.0 Redux

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*     RH Pistol Pack ver 2.0 REDUX   *  



Hi ALL ,

This is the update of the pistol pack 2.0 for Arma

Fixed and news in this pack :

- 2 New guns P38 and PPK

- new recoils , new cleaned sounds , LODs tweaked and merged

- some others news



*Credits & Weapons and Skin made*


All guns

Models, textures:

Desert Eagle = Model: Vashts1985 , Skins: Pink Panther , Racer445

Mk22 = Model: Stoke , Skin: Stoke / SureShot , FPS_Bruce

USP = Model: Twinke Masta, SureShot, Skin: chrisART, LOOM, The_Tub , SureShot

USP Match = Model: Silvio Dante , Twinke Masta , Skin: LoneWolf

Kimber .45 = Model: Twinke Masta , Skin: Anti-Death

M1911 old = Model: Twinke.Masta , Skin: Defeat

M93R =  Model: Spydr , Skin: Splinter

M9 =  Model: Spydr , Skin: Splinter

Glock 18 = Model: Shiban , Bullet_Head , Skin: Fub , Kimono

Glock 17 = Model/Skin: Kimono

Mk2 = Model: The_Lama , Skin: sNuFFy / Splinter

TT33 = Model: Hav0c / Twinke Masta , Skin: Twinke Masta

Tec9 = Model: Dav0r , Skin: Downloadable Skillz

Vz.61 = Model: Ettubrutesbro , Skin: Millenia,The_AntiPirate

Micro Uzi = Model: flakk , Skin: snake

P38 = Model: Sproily / Twinke Masta , Skin: The Expert

PPK = Model/Skin: Kimono

BIG THX for permission to use those awesome models and awesome skins smile_o.gif

config work: RobertHammer and new recoils , bullets and other tweaks by Q1184 /thx/

Improved sounds: Money /thx/

Animations : Updated with new SLX Animations


Working installation of Armed Assault: Version 1.14 or higher.



Mirror by ePrison.de

Mirror by Armaholic.com

Classnames are inside of Readme file and have fun  wink_o.gif

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Its good to see you giving this "old" addon some new energy.

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