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The Australian Armed Forces

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Who are we?

The Australian Armed Forces (AAF) is a tactical based squad for the ArmA series.

Formed in 2008, AAF is commonly regarded as one of the most active Australian and New Zealand squads in the AusArmA and Battlegroup communities.

We play several evenings per week, and often congregate on our teamspeak server (ts.australianarmedforces.org) for smaller games.

We have several scheduled mission nights per week and frequently participate in joint-operations with other local squads.


So you’re interested?

Awesome! To set the scene before we go onto how the AAF operates, here's some pre-dominant factors in becoming a member. You are mature when the games rolling, a bit of fun out of game is never shy, but you must put your serious face on when playing or you won't get far. Don’t get us wrong, we love a laugh, but we despise immaturity and generic “Pub Playâ€. You must also be highly teamwork oriented; cooperative and are Australian or within approx 5 hours of (GMT +10). There is no minimum dedication within the AAF, however a regular check of the forums to show your still with us is required at least weekly unless you apply for leave. The AAF has a relaxed attitude and we enjoy chilling out and talking smack in the forums or TS, but when we jump ingame, we always switch on, enjoy what ArmA 3 offers and have a good time.

Ok, so how do we operate?

The AAF is a squad that focuses on the realistic aspect of game play, whilst sometimes those two terms can be contradictory, we get the best balance possible. We spend at minimum a few hours per month training and completing exercises, making sure we are up to standard, and have our own written doctrine for new recruits to learn upon entry. Don’t let this deter you, it’s not pages of a PDF, rather some small and important information the AAF has written up over time to most effectively complete missions in the ArmA verse.


What does our training consist of?

Our training is a very enjoyable and an excellent learning process. We don't expect our new recruits to sit through tedious hours of recruit training, so we break the training up into different elements to be taken over various nights. Some of the recruitment training modules that you will learn consist of;


Cam and Concealment



Target Indications

Contact Drills

Fire and Movement

Basic Section Attack

Break Contact Drills

Obstacle Crossings


Great, where do I sign up?

To become an AAF member, you must first place your entry application through the webpage below and then register on these forums and PM Antipop or Scarecrow informing him that you’ve applied and ready to go. An easy way to get in contact with the clan is via TeamSpeak (information below). Upon processing of your application, you will be contacted a senior member on our team speak channel on the Battlegroup Teamspeak server; after meeting and assessing your personality, you will begin the selection process, and from the information provided in your application you will be assigned to a unit, a relative position and begin the training. During your application, all are welcome to play with us during our games, however, if we have a scheduled mission night, we require members only to be a part of these.

If you complete the training without any serious problems, and we are happy with your performance, you will be slotted into your unit and will began playing where they may be deployed.

Upon completion of entry, at any time without posting for official leave you will have 4 weeks maximum inactivity, before you are deemed inactive and removed from the team; to re-deem yourself you will have to speak to the CO and be granted special permissions to re join; unless under specific circumstance.

Microphones are required for any communications, and mandatory; a moderate internet connection and good 3D performance is also recommended for solid game play.

We haven't set an age restriction, but if you are below 18, you will be judged on maturity and ability to become part of a team in the ArmA game world.

If you are interested in AAF, then please, fill out this Google form below and one of the senior members will contact you.

Don't forget to register on the forums and Private Message Antipop or Scarecrow stating you’ve filled out the above document and what your Forum Account is.

If you have any problems during the recruitment process or have any queries, feel free to email;matt.hurley91@gmail.com , contact on skype (theantipop91), give me a yell on TS3 or PM me on the forums.

Some other points of call are; Monty (Skype: montybravo – Email:monfries@rocketmail.com) or Rommel (Email:Admin@australianarmedforces.org)


The AAF Use use Teamspeak 3 and Skype to co-ordinate games most of the time, download these below.


Our teamspeak is: ts.australianarmedforces.org (Hosted by The Battlegroup, we reside in the AAF channels, if the redirect does not work for any reason the IP is currently:

For more Information please visit AAF's Website: http://www.australianarmedforces.org or

Forums: http://australianarmedforces.org/forums/index.php

AAF Forums recruitment thread:http://australianarmedforces.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=39

Edited by Rommel

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The Australian Armed Forces has seen its first month of duty during the period of the 1st of August to the 30th, with a variety of missions on our belt (refer to the After Action Reports.).

Note the first post has been updated with the latest member list, and more informative layout.

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Yep it's been a good 2 months. Happy to be part of it. Many OPFOR left dismembered in our wake and a whole lot more left to join their fallen comrades smile_o.gif

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The Australian Armed Forces has seen its second month of duty during the period of the 1st of September to the 30th, with a variety of missions on our belt (refer to the After Action Reports.).

Our tour on Sahrani is finally over, we have been moved on elsewhere to a location in central Iraq, named Avgani, in which we will be performing peace keeping operations. With the introduction of addons to the AAF mission detail, this overall, has been a very successful month, and ultimately fun experience.


Sergeant Rommel,

Commanding (Non-commissioned)Officer of the Australian Armed Forces

note: First post updated with new ORDBAT.

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<span style='font-size:13pt;line-height:100%'>Australian Armed Forces</span>


<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>Celebrating 8months of duty, and the New Year!</span>


The Australian Armed Forces began in June 2008, and with the celebration of the New Year can proudly pro-claim itself a incredibly successful and active co-op squad; with its life time enduring up to 8 months of activity. The previous months have seen an interesting turn of events within the AAF; with August came a large boost in AAF numbers. But due to the lack of infrastructure at the time, AAF was unable to sustain this enormous influx of up to 12 members, and many became inactive.

In late September we began various projects engaging in the enhancement of our training, the AAF MOD and our own rented server. We also began the Multi-Session-Operation project. More information on these projects can be found on our forums, to keep this post as brief as possible.

By December we have re-ascertained a large member list including the following members:







Duke Nukem










With training exercises for the 6th and three more recruits signing up on New Years Day; 2009 looks to be a promising and exciting year within the AAF.

Happy New Years!

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