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Virtual Maori Army (VMA)

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VMA is New Zealand's Premier Armed Assault clan.Our members comprise of current & ex service personal as well as experience mature FPS/Simulation enthusiast's. We incorporate proper military tactics and training on custom missions but also have alot of fun along the way. We are always looking for like minded individuals to join our ranks.


1. Contact us here

2. Give us your player ID and name and you will get you on our clan squad.xml which displys the Kiwi NZ Emblem on uniform & vehicles. This is the same emblem worn by all NZDF personal!

3. Download Teamspeak here

4. MSN Messenger -We may need to contact you for Training etc.

5.Post in the VMA Forums , we'll make you a VMA signature file.

Recruitment-Just contact us with your Player ID number and also your Avatars Name. Then we will load you onto our Squad.Xml and you will be officially recruited into VMA.

Rank-Their are 2 forms of Rank one for in game based on NZDF doctrine and another is based on how many posts you submit to the VMA website. All recruits start as Private and progress onto Corporal,Sergeant etc.

Comms-Teamspeak is essential you need to be able to communicate your intentions whilst on the battlefield. If you can't communicate, you are to slow to react in combat.

We are currently have our own Clan Teamspeak server @ this address

IP: :8788

We operate two public clan server that operate different MP mission such as



Heres a couple promo videos VMA member Kiwidog has created

We are also developing the NZDF mod which will eventually comprise of all the vehicles in which the real NZDF use.

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Ill just personally vouch that these guys are a kind and great bunch to play with, fun and... are bloody kiwi.


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