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Ok, I downloaded the mission and played it to hopefully be revitalised in SP but I still came to the conclusion why I dont play single player missions....AI.

I love the story (as far as I got), the animations, the sounds. But I cant see how you play this mission stealthy with AI. Micromanagement with AI in this game is stupid, thats why I play MP.

If you make a MP version I will knight you.

- Is a SP-Mission a welcome change for you?


- Do you like story driven mission like this?

Yes very much

- What´s your opinion about cutscenes in such missions?

They were pretty well done

- What´s your opinion about a MP-Version of this?


- Was this mission to heavy or easy for you?

Im terrible at SP missions as I cant rely on AI to watch my back, So I found it hard

- What you don´t like in this mission?

Its in Single player, AI

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I loved the mission. Great atmosphere. I especially liked the part where the bombs are dropped on the building and on the bridge, the audio really made it come alive. Great job Mr - Murray hope you make some more awesome maps!

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