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The most important features ARMA 2 needs to have

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You know what I wan the most? Fallen trees blocking not only mine view...argh

Totally agree. They would have to be also impassible and retain the same geometric collision properties as when they are in normal state. At least one shouldn't be able to pass straight thru the trunk of a fallen tree.

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- Soldiers looks and move like hobbits and its relly annoying.

  The soldier model in orginal opf is way better.

- Ai shouldnt be alble to see trough walls and hills.

- The vocies in arma ??  

- A lot of things allready said in here...

To bis : Why dont you use/get ideas from the mod and addon makers more?    

You have seen what they did with ofp and arma ??

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ArmA is Army/Infantry simulator...

I hope ArmA 2 is a WAR simulator, but that would require


What about 2000Km" or even 5000..

If that isnt possible:

What about Linking/Streaming diffrent maps...

Lets say i have a map of Europe. But i have to

seperate them into, i dont know maby 4 maps..

But when in gameplay, if i drive or fly pass the

current map the next loads instantly...

That would be VERRY nice, and make the game a TRUE


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I want humenity!!!!!!!!!!! It is too bloody silent on the battlefield. No complaint, no happiness, nothing..... As we know army is not machine, they talk, interact , scream and cry like us. This is a main feature in battle. Not just saying, yes sir, roger. This kind of replies. I want they cry for help when they are injured. Become insane when the team is in a blood bath and may have a short conversation between each other in the battle. They are not machine...... The game need to add morale system.

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Let me address something that I don't think was mentioned before.


My god! Flashpoint and Arma have the world's single most bothersome, unintuitive and time consuming keyboard configuration system EVAR!.

When I introduce a new player to the game I dread the minute they start customizing their keys. And forget me, I am a seasoned player, I can config my keys in a few minutes. Sometimes I introduce friends to Arma and most of them are psyched out of playing, because they were hunting for reds (duplicates) for the last ten minutes or tried to understand why there are keys that do the same thing and are named differently and which ones are useful in the game.

And this idea of having to press buttons on your screen to delete, cancel, go to the next and previous... What's up with that? A scrolling list would be enough. And make duplicate keys cancel out each other or something. I realize there are buttons that do more than one function which sucks because I can't count the times I wanted to zoom and I locked on another target thus missing a good shot.

I don't get it... Someone needs to rethink this whole process.

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Improved AI so that it has the impact the first OFP had. This time round would be so geat if the AI used buildings and other objects for cover rather than running head on into bullets.

The Ai aircraft need improving  a lot  all they do is crash into one another and crash into anything higher than a tree we really need the Ai fixing so the aircraft fly higher and stay out of hrarms way.

Would like to see all the important weapons basics covered  like mortars and artillary with  beyond  5 mile range. We need arircraft carriers and various other ships and the abilty  to swim and climb like real soilders do.

Hand to hand combat and knives is a good idea one of us pointed out, someone moaned about that idea a bit odd considering unarmed combat is trained to every soilder and needed. What if you enter a door and someone grabs your rifle? Or if you need to kill quietly with a knife?

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It needs to be TIGHTER!

I don't know how else to express that. It's the global feeling of the game rather than specific details.

I cannot "trust" Arma enough because at some point something will piss me off really bad.

But I'll get into details too if you feel like having a de ja vu.

1. Fluid motion. I know it has been discussed to death but I don't see any reason why it shouldn't be taken care of. ALL FPS games have natural flow regarding the animations and movement (Remember QuakeII? It moved nice and smooth and it is a ten year old game). Arma still feels "wooden" and cumbersome.

And some other details like when you land with a parachute the screen goes off to unload the 'parachute' model. When this happens the 'soldier' model appears in the same position and that doesn't look good. The same happens when the character comes out of the water.

2. Being able to at least WALK while reloading. Make the reloading action take longer, I don't really mind but I was in the army and god damn I could reload a M1 Garand while walking. I had to walk slowly (because the M1 can injure your thumb if you are not careful) but it wasn't that hard.

3. Mantling. I agree jumping is useless when you are carrying all that crap and there are very few places in an Arma map where jumping is needed but putting your gun aside to climb on a crate or get over a low fence is something anyone can do.

4. Interrupting animations. Yes. People change their minds sometimes. People should be able to stop whatever it is they are doing and do something else! Let's say I am reloading my bazooka and someone pops up in the distance. F#%# reloading! I would throw that rpg on the ground and pull my weapon out in an instant.

5. Reduced clipping. In Arma clipping in 3d objects is part of life. You can clip anywhere. On the road, while climbing stairs, while driving over a bridge. In the Arma universe, matter is not very stable. MAKE IT STABLE PLEASE! I cannot count the times when going prone inside a building resulted in me ripping the fabric of space-time and becoming pure energy. Ok you know what I am talking about.

The rest of the game is perfect. Good size maps, diversity, interesting locations, nice vehicles etc. I have no problems at all. In fact I wouldn't really care about Arma 2 if somehow, someone fixed those issues for Arma as it is today.

That's all.

Amen, If these things were improved, arma would be the best ever created game/sim/program. ArmA IS the best, dont get me wrong - but it would reach super duper mega big bang heights of pleasure if this was taken care of.

(3). The climbing over stuff would be nice but not too important to me, but the all the other points are spot on.

Oh and better AI, but i think that is taken care of allready. Oh and some FLIR in helis/tanks thank you smile_o.gif



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What do I wanna see in ArmA2, specifically the AI?

***moved to ai thread***

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Off the top of my head...

* A good solid single player campaign

not too bothered about 'RPG elements' and such, but a good quality campaign showcasing everything ARMA2 can do with the level of immersion we got from OFP.

* Better AI

from what we've seen so far it's looking good - suppressive fire, using cover, better pathfinding. Hopefully this will go hand in hand with some other improvements like more realistic 'senses', ie how they see the game world - their ability to move, target, shoot and behave tactically withouting having to have God-Vision.

* More units to play with

what fun is a sandbox without toys? More tanks, choppers, planes, APCs, cars, guns etc etc.

* Some of the community ideas implemented

by this I mean - look at all the features the modding community release, again and again. These are obviously the things people want the most, and they can't be that difficult for a development team to create if the community is managing it. Things like:

Mortars, more realistic ballistics, better sounds, more realistic wounding system, dragging injured people, 'mood chatter', more extensive damage system for vehicles, more realistic and extensive weapon systems in vehicles (although infra-red technology is something that would probably need to be coded into the engine),

That's it really, I could go on about performance and map issues and stuff but from what I've seen BIS already work hard on both of these, and I'm fairly confident that they will up to scratch with ARMA2. The whole better physics debate is an ongoing one but I would guess that a complete rework of the game's physics engine would be a massive and expensive undertaking for BIS, so beyond the scope of ARMA2. Dynamic destruction of vehicles and buildings is mostly eye-candy so I can live without it, same with pretty much any graphical complaints you can come up with (other than performance issues which I hope BIS are all over by by now).

Nail the majority of those main points and you've got my 30 quid. thumbs-up.gif

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Well, it's certainly not the most important feature, but a pretty cool one...ability to simulate your own death. At least it works well in unreal tournament smile_o.gif

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A good stable save game feature.

I'd like to see the ability to implement a MP to SP conversion and vice versa. rofl.gif

Better NVG's so the horizon, gauges don't blind.

Better handling of vehicles, per 5 ton trucks that don't give the fish tail when you push W.

And last but not least, a way to see what server you're on in game.

Thats all

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I'd like to see that tightness that's been called for too.

Animations aren't quick/fluid enough with Arma but in fairness it's not far off the mark.

Running isn't quick enough, a slight step up would help but keeping a penalty the more your equipped. Same with crawling speed, a slight increase is needed.

Revise the flight model of helicopters please! When I took to the skies first time in Arma I was really dissapointed, still am. Compared to good ol' OFP flying choppers just feels awful, give us back the fun for ArmaII!  

I personally don't like the way a distracting page pops up to re-arm in Arma and the way you re-armed in OFP should be bought back for ArmaII as its quicker.

Not much else needed as its obvious the bar will be raised with the graphics and if the modding community is catered for all else should follow. But BI needs to make sure they ARE sated as it's there work too that makes all the titles something special.


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The AI and story would be two big things I'd like to see improved.

* The AI has a lot of improvements since the original ArmA release but it still only feels like the OFP AI after some tinkering. Ultimately I hope ArmA2 will have a new AI command and control system along with better behavior.

From my experience the AI usually act like dumb ducks proning on the ground or running towards enemies without ever spotting them or realizing there are shots coming from that direction. They don't use cover or many tactical or intelligent maneuvers and need to be crack shots and follow your "target" through the terrain and buildings or just be in huge numbers to be any threat..

* The campaign and story was another disappointment in ArmA, especially when you compare it to OFP. In ArmA there are just so many heroics and generic and boring missions to accomplish. It really just felt like being in an arcade game racking up as many points as possible. It wasn't all bad, some of the missions were fun and exciting.. but it could have been better.

I still remember the dramatic moments in OFP.. for example when your squadmates, who you were just beginning to recognize, are massacred.. or when you are lost behind enemy lines running through a forest with hostiles in hot pursuit.

Anyways those are two of the biggest improvements I hope to see in ArmA2, either way I'm sure to buy it and love it. Rock on!

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I'd like to literally be able to COPY and PASTE my addons from Arma1 to Arma2.

This is my hope as well.

About features I would like to see, just two actually:

- I would like seasons to have visual consequences on the environment, for instance, on winter, I'd like to see the map under the snow. On summer and spring, the trees and the grass should be green with flowers popping up of the fields.

-My second idea may seem a bit silly: I'd like to see the soldier uniform gets dirty as you go through the mission.

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More realism in the weapon handling, mainly the ability to rest your weapon on surfaces so you don't always have to be prone to use the heaviers guns right.

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Stability. You can put every weapon, tank and aircraft into the game, but if it keeps on crashing like ArmA did for an awful lot of people, no ones going to want to play it.

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I've been thinking of how empty Arma feels, then I realized why. There is absolutely no population. Yeah, it wasn't hard to figure that out, but I did have an idea that could fix this:

BIS should add a slider in the editor, (like they did with weather or fog,) that controls the density of the population. It would help make user-made missions feel much more alive and realistic, as well as save time for people who try to do it themselves.

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there's a lot of good suggestions in here. i aggree with people who say that A.I.

is probably THE most important part to improve on.

that being said, what i really would like to see is BIS taking a good look at some

of the more popular mods out there and get some inspiration from those.

starting with very simple things like realistic rates of fire for example. it's really

easy to find the cyclic rates of weapons on the internet and "fix" them in the config

and it puzzles me why BIS wasn't able to get them right in the first place...

stuff like Maddmatt's "Effects Mod" makes a world of a difference. realistic

tracer ammo, BOTH miniguns on a chopper actually firing, soldiers shouting

during combat...little things like that.

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Three small wishes from Russian Flashpoint fan. All of them like "as in OFP, not as in ArmA", but with a substantiation why and it is necessary smile_o.gif.

I Am sorry for bad English, the autotranslator used.

1. The opportunity of control of cars by means of the mouse, with the continuous control of a trajectory of movement of the car (as in OFP, not as in ArmA) is necessary.

I shall a little explain, that means "in style of the first OFP". In OFP there was a high-grade control of the mouse, i.e. at movement of the mouse aside, game perceived it or as deduction of a steerig wheel rejected in this side (at small moving), or as constant turn of a steerig wheel in this side up to the terminator. That, in my opinion, is more correct approach, than in ArmA where there is a certain imitation of the keyboard - movement of the mouse aside is interpreted by game as unitary pressing of the button the keyboard - thus a steerig wheel deviates on some corner then sharply comes back in a zero position.

Easier speaking, OFP perceives movement of the mouse sideways, as turn and _deduction_ of a steerig wheel, and ArmA - as turn and release from it hands... IMHO, this is dangerous driving:)

OFP it was possible to supervise continuously a trajectory of movement of the car, and there was a distinction between driving and a stop - at driving the steerig wheel tended to return to neutral position, and at a stop of it was not observed - as, actually and in the real car. ArmA in this sense is step back - since all was reduced to the usual keyboard scheme of controls (see above).

2. Presence of interiors at all vehicles, including heavy (tanks, etc.). (as in OFP, not as in ArmA)

First, it is huge plus to an atmosphere and realism.

Secondly, it will establish the certain level of quality for user-maded addons.

Thirdly, addonmakers can use and modify these interiors in the works.

3. An opportunity of full view of an interior of vehicles, ie the opportunity to review horizontally at 360 degrees., And vertically - not less than 90 degrees. (as in OFP, not as in ArmA)

This is consistent with realism, because In real life people do not "glued" to the seat of their car, he could turn, to sit down once on the other, etc. In game, without unnecessary complications, can emulate the turn of the head at 360 degrees.

Besides, is sometimes insulting to see, that developers have made excellent detailed addon, having spent on this plenty of time, and usual players cannot consider completely it at all.

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I think that BI have left out some of the things you

mention in here due to gameperformance...

The more objects in the game that is calculated ie

in a MP mission like Warfare the worse performance

you get..FPS..Frames Per Second..

To write a AI engine is a lifetime job...ALOT of; if then, and

;if not then. The more situations the AI has to ecounter

the more code has to be writen and they cant count

for EACH player action in the game.

The interior of vehicles must also be keept down. It would

take ages to load a mission with all that graph considderd.

I mean if it is there it must be viewable form outside aswell.

Through window...

Stability and AI is the keyfactors for ArmA2 IMHO...

Everything else is nothing more then Eyecandy..

Sure, it would be nice to have all kinds of vehicles,

planes, structures and ppl walking on the streets,

working powerplants wich towns depend upon for

electricity, changing seasons, BIGGER MAPS,

addondowloader withing the game(NO MORE MISSING

ADDONS). There is ofcourse more but not needed to

say it here...

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